PPrune post removed......

Lol@ ORG

Soz mate, couldn't resist. With you in principle, but unfortunately, we don't want to start interboard fracticide.

Danny Prune is a mate of this board, and as such, can't be held responsible, for what the knitting circle put in the Mil Forum on the other means.

Amazing how they all come out, gathering their shawls about themselves when the Army are involved, but the feeding frenzy, if one of their own should dare to insult the 2 winged master race is incredible...

Why are the Crabs so arrogant? Could it be, that they're still resing on the laurels of 900 brave young 18-30 year olds 62 years ago?

Hmmmmm could be a whole new thread there  ;D
Sorry Pegasus,

ORG was making a point ref this thread on PPrune...


Needless to say, Crabair has started to mobilise, at the prospect of an inter-services bruhaha.

The point was, you only seem to get the majority of Winged ones posting on that forum, when there's a catfight to be had, as well as the prevailing attitude from SOME members, that as they are winged, no one else matters.....

So , maybe the poll should be..

Crabs, why are they so arrogant?
Pilots are arrogant - often to the point of insufferability - in my experience.  They have to be, any trace of self-doubt or confusion at crucial pounts of the mission or during an emergency generally leads to a smoking hole in the ground.  

Plus (in the RAF at any rate) they go off to get shot at while all the lowly paid erks sit back at base in the crewroom.  This must make up for some of it.  


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Couldn't fly on a wednesday either - it would ruin both weekends  ;D
Plus (in the RAF at any rate)

Who gis a fcuk what the crabs do ;D,

anyway, the original dig wasn't at aircrew. I (although I have to wash myself after admitting this) count quite a few sky gods amongst my friends.

The dig was at some of the arrogant bast*rds at Pprune who insinuated that we were all "lower" than them because we dared to have a laugh and occasionally make one of the mighty pilots look stupid.

T W A T S  ;D :-*


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I don't mind what they do as long as if they say they will do something they do it and do it right. :mad:  I get the joys of crab air in a couple of days, if they want to change my attitude towards them that could be a good time... :)

don'tcha  just love all those aircrew types???

And what a busy Aarse thread there is over there.  Well done to those from this community that keep our end up over there.  ( I don't have the patience )

how many of them could land a scout on a fag end at night or keep one in the hover in a 60kt headwind

Some of those posters are so arrogant they could almost be Household Div, Cav or dare I say, even SF??
Has anyone located a "fish-head" forum?

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