Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Stewie186, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. At several points throughout my 10 year career when I have asked why I have got a posting to a particular unit I have been told its because MCM do not have any PPP's in my file, I find this strange as I have filled in at least 2 per year thinking that at least a couple must eventually reach glasgow.
    The only reasons I can think of for this is nobody at any of the units I have served with did'nt bother to mail them or MCM just don't care and use this as a gimmick to let Soldiers think they actually have a say in where they are posted.

    Whats everyone else's views on PPP's?
  2. Stewie the PPP is a good tool to help both you and RSW get the posting you want.

    Twice I have found that Glasgow had an out of date PPP despite putting in a fresh one every year but when I have submitted one it did the job.

    The weak link is probably your Sqn's admin. A good Tp SSgt will have these on file keep feeding them into the Sqn 2IC.

    If you are unsure then either ask your OC to confirm they have it or speak with the RCMO.

    Generally as a rule you should submit a PPP along with your CR.
  3. I got posted back to a unit, even when I said I didn't want to go, anywhere but there, the reason because it saved money as I was already SC, MCM my arse they could manage a tea party. PPP are not worth the paper they are written on
  4. On a similar note - how on earth do you submit dream sheets on JPA?

    Found the form (I think), but it didn't recognise anything I tried typing - tried units, tried areas, I even tried countries. Nothing worked.
  5. IIRC it's under employee preferences.

    You then submit your 3 locations and any negative preferences.
  6. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Clue is in the title; posting Preference proforma :wink:
    ...watch and shoot....!!

    OC Tp should keep a copy held in his/her Troop Commanders notebook. Copy should also go in your Sqn P file with a copy sent to Glasgow. Also make a copy for yourself just in case. Disco is right in saying that one should go to Glasgow with your CR.

    Unless the post is gapped, the Tp SSgt shouldnt really be getting involved in the career management paperwork chain. Soldier Career Management is the forte of the Tp Comd and one of his primary roles and responsibilities.

    If you feel you have been hard done by or your Past PPP's (PPPP!!!) have been 'misplaced' , chances are your new Troopy wont have the background info greater than the last 18 months. In which case I would advise asking for a chat with your Sqn 2IC, through your Tp Comd.

    If its any conselation, I wrote a letter to MCM with 4 different preferences on it with a justification paragraph for each + a PPP. i didnt get any of them. However, although I was initally dissapointed and felt hard done by, its not worth crying over spilt milk. I have a good (sorry i mean ACE!) job to go to now, and like I said, its a PREFERENCE not an entitlement. Sometimes you;ve got to take the bad along with the good and for anyone that knows me, it would be fair to say I;ve had my fair share of good posts lately ;-)

    As the old saying goes:
    "The interests of the Army come first, the Soldier and his family a close second

    Look Up, Drive On fella!
  7. jimmys_best_mate -

    I submitted my PPP (or whatever the JPA equivilent is) the other day. It took about an hour to sort but once i had a bit of direction from our friends in the AGC it was no problem. In the box where you type where you wanna go you have to put a % at the start and finish. Also you can not request units you have to specify countrys. As a footnote you also have to submit a manual PPP too, the reason for this i have been told is people are not filling in the bottom boxes of the JPA form. If you need anymore help PM and i will do what i can.

  8. Cheers Heid and Uncle Albert.

    I'll give it another go nex time I can get on a DII machine.
  9. I have it from good authority that the JPA system is being largely ignored by our masters in Glasgow and they are more inclined to use PPP as a methodology of selecting assignments. If they haven't any faith in the system what chance have we got?
  10. JPA is not yet fully up and running (A bit like a number of other systems currently in use!), so you have to back up the PPP submitted on JPA by hard copy either faxed or e-mailed to Records. I did mine 2 weeks ago both on JPA and by e-mail, they received the e-mail but not the work flow request of the PPP at Glasgow.