Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. Folks after the banter i'm getting about parties in Germany - what should I put on my PPP and why ?
  2. i told you yesterday - you're best suited to a job as MPGS at Chickers.
  3. I know - I know you filled in the application - I went for the interview and it took me 6 weeks to complete the A4 form - hence why I havnt been here - you promised not to tell anyone !!
  4. UK, Cyprus, Exchange Posting or anywhere other than Germany - you're bound to be sent there!
  5. It depends on whether you want to be disappointed or not !!! :)

    If you take disappointment well then put down:

    Cyprus, Loan Service or Exchange Post in no particular priority order

    Otherwise put down any of the following:

    Brigade HQ MI Section with Operational Tour
    DRC Course
    IA Course

    And I can assure you won't be disappointed cause you will get at least one :)
  6. Ha yeah! Put down for a Bde MI section! :D :D
  7. you mean it took you 6 weeks to find the buttons for the barrier.
  8. Buttons, barrier - thats another 6 week course - its very technical you know especially with on on each side !
  9. Next time I see you stagging on the gate, I'll stop and lend a hand if you like! :D Saying that though, I don't think I've signed the 945 page document that I was meant to have read stipulating the health & safety guidelines for operating said buttons.

    I think CR should publish a briefing note or something to help us all out. Gawd if anyone's spent some time on a barrier it's got to be him with his illustrious career! :wink:
  10. MATS B Pilot is always worth a try.
  11. ATR fucknuts!