PPPs = Pointless, pointless, pointless

Discussion in 'REME' started by CplBadboyUK, May 2, 2007.

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  1. What are they good for????? Absolutely f**k all by from where im sittin' Unless of course you have the old ring on the finger, kids settled in school and all that palava. If you are settled, in a long term relationship and have your own dwelling it seems that they post you as far away from your place of residence as possible (even though there is a job just down the road) All those presentations at MCM roadshows must have been a dream with quotes like "manage your own careers", "we will do our best to keep the soldier happy" BLAH BLAH BLAH. Yeah, B******s. Rant over.

    Bitter twisted, teddy in corner SLO
  2. i have to agree with you there badboy, PPP. they only get ya to fill them in to make you feel like your having some kind of input.
    p.s how bad r u?
  3. Aye, you may be right badboy. I have never been posted to a place I wanted. I got 2.5 years to push, need a posting north as I have my own property etc, look out Germany or South of England here I come!
  4. My last one worked, i missed out my boss faxed it myself and spoke to records direct.
  5. What do you expect? The whole Army (let alone the Corps) is skidding from one crisis to the next, attempting to fight two wars and god knows how many other op deployments, all on a shoestring.

    To mis-quote Heinlein, MCM consists of three organisations, a Dirty Tricks Department, a Reaction To The Latest Shout Department, and a Fairy Godmother Department. The first two have most of the manpower, and therefore most of the clout, and they generally get their way. The Fairy Godmother Department consists of one middle-aged Glaswegian AA who (when she's not suffering from the effects of too much Hevvie the night before) will occasionally put down her knitting, pick out a PPP and give the lucky winner exactly what he wants. Not having a clue what the correct procedure is, she circumvents all the usual proceduresand just taps out some old cack on her terminal, thereby completely cutting out the other two Departments.

    Edited to add: The only worthwhile reason, therefore, to fill out a PPP is to enter yourself in in the Glaswegian Fairy Godmother Lottery. Remember - it could be you...
  6. I'm very bad blacktowergirl!! Do you like bad boys?? Ive been known to go by the name C**t Cpl, i actually quite like it!! What do you think?? LOL!
  7. I left the Army in 1994 with the redundancy package for the very reasons you mention.
    8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  8. The problem you have, speaking from bad experience, is that some people you find have spent nearly their entire army life in one area pulling the "my great gran's uncle's dog is dead, I need a compationate posting" routine. It is nigh on impossible to get a posting up north. I have spent 13 years in Germany, some through choice and some because every other choice on the PPP was unavailable due to the afore mentioned people.
    One posting did come arrive and because of compationate cases I was the only deployable person at that unit (small LAD of 6 vm's), needless to say after 2 tours plus Kenya, America and 3 months in Sierra Leone and a wife who did not know who I was, I put back in for Germany. I am not far of finishing my 22 and would love a posting anywhere north of the M25 but as I've been told, they are like finding a women who like the smell of a pipe. Very rare.

    Remember if you don't know what it is, lick it!
  9. I have to say here, that MCM have been more than helpful to me regarding my last few postings. Am I one of the lucky ones or do I just want to go where nobody else does? Maybe they do have a conscience after all & feel guilty about subjecting me to 3 long years with 12 Regt RA & 2 Bn REME????!!!
  10. 12 Regt was a good post when I was there in 2000, in my last three years now and after serving overseas for over 13 years would like to settle somewhere north. MCM says that about 70% of SNCO's want the same thing so you have to be extremely lucky to get a post up there seeing there arent many units besides Catterick and Ripon. In Colchester at the moment and majority of the lads live in the mess and go home at weekends because the MQs are so sh*t.

    My posting preference might aswell have civvy street on now as will probably be here till the day I leave :evil:
  11. i have to agree with the general oppinion here, i was in Bovvy, had my own place and was promoted to Sgt, asked for SW uk on my PPP and got a nice posting to Fallingbostal.

    i signed off 1 week after arriving in Fally and the rest is history!

    i wasnt bitter, much.......
  12. I can remember back in '95 i simply cut out the chain of command (naughty naughty) and phoned " Jan " myself........!!
    A few months ago I phoned " ???????? " and got a wishlist, have completed a PPP and had an acknowledgement from MCM.....I wonder where I will end up......????????

    4 years to go and looking forward to it...getting out that is. The only reason I stay in , is to get out....resettlement package, pension etc.

    Dangle the carrot.
  13. as long as its a golden carrot 106, 1060 days to go but not counting
  14. I got lucky with a pref to stay in the area I wanted. Sent off a PPP to records with a letter from the localhospital saying the wife had to stay in the area for post operative scans for for cancerous cells for 3 years, that worked.

    Of course the bad publicity of a dead army wife probably stirred them into action.
  15. Umm. IRON. I was at Ripon for 5 years, you would not believe the amount of people (southerners) that wanted posting down south. MCM could not use the old in the interests of the corps as the Engr Regt there was mirrored elsewhere. They could "please" a lot more people than they do if they got off there arrses and actually did what they are paid too.