LMAO. Real ones?
Chris, it doesn't matter what you put. MCM Div tend to ignore them anyway.

Unless you have a terminally relative then you might get a look in.
Dont put your a VM SNCO in his last three years and would like to be stationed anywhere up North. :roll:
1. I have had enough serving in a unit that sucks.
2. I wish to move to another unit that sucks.
3. As Iron would say, im a VM Sgt and would like to move North, even though your not going to send me there, i thought i would ask.

Hello Man in the corner how's things?

Courtesy of MCM Div i went from the Engineers to the LD's within about a fortnight of receiving my initial posting order. I never did find out if somebody played the compassionate card.
Not what you should do obviously, but the only way you have a realistic chance of getting what you want is by contacting Glasgow - a PPP, in my experience, seldom has any influence on your actual posting.

I'm currently on my class one tech course, and we got the coy clerk to contact Glasgow for a heads up on what postings were available. We got a fax back saying we could go to any Bn, as well as another ten or so postings.

I had already been told I was off to Batus, but I asked them to change it (mental huh?), and ended up being offered 2 Bn - go swivel I thought, so I went back again and asked for a first line posting, got offered five, and plumped for one that'll suit me perfect!

The rest of the course submitted PPP's with the inside info they had been given, and all but two got exactly what they wanted. Those two contacted Glasgow again, and got them changed to something more suitable.

Got all our postings through t'other day with ten posting preference indicator one's - you wonder how they justify those stats huh?

Also got my last posting by getting my Tiffy to contact direct - asked for a specific posting, and got a yes straight away!
Oh to be a tech,m we never get the inside track, but life goes on, to be a VM (gods trade) and chose a posting, whooar, i'll stay 4 another 99 years, PPP on the way lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Having thopught about the question and realised that if you are asking the question there is no reason why you should actually have a preference. Just let them post you and you will end up with what you want, where as if you try to influence the gods you will get it wrong and so will they so leave it and accept it. you will go to the Artillery and have a great time.

Has anybody tried to do a PPP or whatever thay are called now on JPA? I foolishly tried today! Got extremly annoyed and sacked it in the end! Probalby doesn't matter because if they are anything like the old ones it'll never reach Glasgow!!!
hobit said:
Has anybody tried to do a PPP or whatever thay are called now on JPA? I foolishly tried today! Got extremly annoyed and sacked it in the end! Probalby doesn't matter because if they are anything like the old ones it'll never reach Glasgow!!!
When we had a JPA brief the other week we were informed that if a young Cfn wanted to change his assignment (I think he called it that) he could do it every day if he wanted and an email would be flagged up to MCM div. This would not have to go though his section Sgt/Tiffy, I can see MCM div sending a directive out soon (only one change every six months)when there receiving 5000 each week when lads decide they want to change it for somewhere else.
I have just had my assignment order and yet again I had my 1st choice from my PPP(for the 8th and final time), another 2 years of LOA. They do work and I always submitted one every 6 months, so records knew where I wanted next.
A posting preference submitted on JPA doesn't raise any "flag" at REME MCM Div. Unlike an assignment order it doesn't create workflow or do anything to let anyone know that a new PPP has been submitted. It also doesn't require any input from the chain of command so lacks the necessary authority and background information that REME MCM Div rely on.

REME MCM Div have stated that for the immediate future the existing system of submitting a PPP from REME Manning Instructions will remain. Submit a PPP on paper countersigned by your OC/Pl Comd whenever your circumstances change and certainly a good month or so before any promotion board that you might be considered at. The posting plots are put together pretty quickly after a board's results are public so get your preferences to Glasgow so you can compete with others for the posts that you wish for.

15% of the Corps have no current PPP in Glasgow - even if you don't care where you go next put in a PPP to say that so that the desk clerks know that they're doing the right thing by you. Remember the desk clerks want to put you where you want to go but they can't read your mind. Send a PPP... it is not a request for an early posting but it can inform decisions if you need to be posted for some reason (an establishment change, selection for promotion, unit operational requirements).
I have always found that humour works although getting it by your OC can be a problem. If you fancy Bielefeld put down it has the best STD clinic in Germany and you will probably get it, put down you require psychiatric treatment and the best there is to offer is in Catterick and you will probably get that however don't put down I want to go up north as you will possibly end up in Fally or the Hebrides which is reverse humour on their part. At the end of the day if you can make your PPP different and at all interesting you may have a chance of success.
1. Fill out your PPP.
2. Give it to your pc
3. Pass it to your RCMO he'll deny all knowledge you had it.
4. Get posted to sh1tsville tennesee.
5. REME Mcm div will pump you up the bottom for another 3 years
I got my second choice on a PPP once.... i was well suprised. Turned out to be a good unit dont know why they got the nickname Kings Reme Haters though as i had a good time with them helped by the fact that had 2 good ASM's i guess
Well I sacked the PPP idea after long years of perseverence. Seems Sgt VM's don't get what they want. Phoned postings clerk direct, she was very helpful and I got a posting I needed. There is a God, just not in the REME CoC or papertrail.

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