Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Hutz, Dec 6, 2009.

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  1. Im looking at putting my PPP in at any time soon and I am looking at going EOD, RAF or London based units (im in the Signals) anyone got any pointers or good places to put down on my list of wishes?

    If you could email me if you have any detailed answers, that would be grand.

  2. Rank, trade and aspirations would be useful nformation....

  3. peak point of presure 12.5 degrees? :)
  4. EI am able to supply a quote for your Personal Protection Plan if you give me further details.

    Many thanks
  5. RAF Northolt has an 11 EOD Regt SHQ and troop - so you get proximity to London, RAF food and accommodation, and a Gucci unit all in one :)

    I could work at MCM Div, how hard could it be...
  6. Ah, making big decisions about your future life. What could be better than going online and asking some strangers for advice.

  7. Hutz,

    Why not speak to your friends in the unit, and maybe your Staffy/Troopy? They will be able to advise realistic posting preferences, and ones that can advance you in your career.

    As wehappyfew says, asking advice on an open forum is pretty pointless, as people don't know you at all.