What is the point!!! :evil: Appreciate the needs of the service come first etc etc. However is it completely unreasonable to expect after a mid tour unexpected posting during my last posting to a so called high profile job outside the corps. (Feels like it was exactly that OUTSIDE the corps therefore within the corps you don't matter)!!! Especially when you have acted professionally as expected during that tour and work your bollocks off!!!

Like I mentioned is it unreasonable to expect to be posted to one of the choices on your PPP? Especially considering there were 3 main regiments on the list as well as an independant sqn. Which was submitted before the promotion board.

Didn't promote but then wasn't expecting it so not bothered about that. But it was submitted with the aim of allowing MCM to plan ahead. Clearly I was thinking ahead too much!!! Schoolboy error. But then when they say there is a slot at a sqn but for a signaller and I get told I am not a signaller??? So the 6 weeks of shite passing an RSI course means fook all!!! :evil: If MCM don't know what trade I am what hope have I get to ever get the right job!!!
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