Discussion in 'Officers' started by Solon_of_Athens, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. Key Setting MS5

    Can someone explain why we even bother having Wouldn't Mind on the PPP when the filter boards discount you because you have put a particular job down as WM rather than Would Like...?

    It seems to me to be a pointless exercise in 'enfranchisement' by MS5 whereas in reality there isn't a happy medium (i.e, WM). I say this with a document in front of me which has a list of jobs with notations as to who has been filtered out and why. Over 90% of the names on it have been filtered out because they put WM rather than WL. The remaining <10% have been filtered out because they are too good/too poor for jobs.

  2. Solon I have seen that list as well, having spoken to a friend who works near MS5 it would appear that the Desk Officers are up in arms as all their advice in the FCR has been thrown out the window and many officers have wasted a lot of time choosing jobs they would not mind doing...
  3. So that is why i was given the job i didnt ask for!

    I agree Solos, what is the point of having a WM column if that is going to be ignored completely. There may as well just be a list and be done with it. I put down 11 choices on my PPP and managed to scrape the last on the list, not that the job was my least favourite. It does somewhat fly in the face of giving the board your preferences, if those preferences are going to be thrown out just because you didn't specify that you wound like to go to a job.

  4. Fair point Frankie - but then the entire FCR process for our lot was an absolute waste of time from start to finish.

    'So you want combat in the UK? No worries. Except we're actually going to send you to invisible option Z - tech in Germany.'

    'Errrrr...thanks. Was that even mentioned at FCR - thought you said I was top third?'

    Leave in baffled silence.

    I hope they're all very proud of their endeavours.
  5. Ah but didn't you read the apologists guide to technical posts? Anything closely resembling: 'clear thinker', 'briefs well', 'strong written communicator', 'broad view of MOD business' etc., are not indicators for Def Pol but surreptitious markers for technical posts. 40% of the jobs are technical FFS!

    The real laugh is for those people who have been deselected because their choice was too far down the list. After he was deselected from the 8 jobs above that one I would have thought it was his first choice. Stranger and stranger!

    To be fair the FCR process was amusing at least (the bizarre ramblings of 2ROs from aeons ago never fail to amuse)...

    ... what is really good is that the PPPs were due in before the list was closed! There have been at least two changes to the list since the PPP deadline. The answer will, I am sure be, 'the guiding principle...' but that just underlines my point - forget choice, just post me!
  6. Don't get too excited about the list closing after the PPP deadline - about 10% of those on ICSC(L) 2 have had their jobs changed since they arrived at Shrivenham. Some people's jobs have folded (quite how they couldn't predict that god alone knows), some have been told that due to other officers' posting dates changing that the department that they were supposed to go to needs better continuity so the current incumbent is being extended in post etc etc.

    The MS Binding Principle is wheeled out on a regular basis. Inevitably the chat from the Desk Offr is pretty weak with comments such as "would you like to do this? Don't worry there won't be any impact on your wider employability later in your career." which should be translated to be "this is what's happening to you, and you can either agree to it, or we'll just tell you that you're doing it - I don't give a fcuk about what happens to you later in your career because I won't be the Desk Officer then!"

    The really annoying thing about all this is that there actually is a boarding process at the beginning of it, and then when you are deslected from the job that you have been boarded for (having sweated blood to make your job short list and write your PPP) they simply do an out of committee fix.

    "Don't buy that stereo, don't buy that car......save your money and PVR!!"