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Im about to put my form in i want to go to a battalion in germany can anyone give me details on each to help me choose a first choice, info on the SLA for junior ranks working hours, local area, accessibility to outdoor sports, airports etc would be useful?

yes i do want another first line but trade specific
one first line then one second then class one im a tech in first post doing first line.
there are 3 bn's out here 1,2 and 3, why not contact there welfare dept and ask for an info pack.

however 1 bn is closing soon, that was the better of the 3.

ps what did the Doc say...lol
Phone a desk clerk at Glasgow and ask whats available. I put a PPP in for 2Bn which was faxed to Glasgow and faxed back on the same day to say a posting order will follow in the next two days (translated into "congratulations you fool") Not many ask for Battalions so I don't think you will have a problem. If you want a tech posting ask for 2Bn as this is where the new Off Platform Repair company is being set up. This will consist of loads of techs in box bodies and loads of Vms in inflatable tents repairing packs. You never know you may even work in packs doing electrics as the VMs don't perform that task very well.

Good luck
Alb, where can I find out more about this "off platform repair"? Is it basically a GPATE concentration platoon, or is there more to it?
DEME A have kicked out a paper on the new proposed reorganisation of REME battalions which I have in work and will try to get you the reference. I might have some more info next week as a mate is doing some digging on my behalf. As you say it is a GPATE concentration minus the tels BOWMAN geeks and window lickers. I 've seen the manning and vehicle allocations which is pretty impressive. Its only at the conceptual planning stage but I have it on good authority it will happen this year. 2 Bn look like being the lead so if you are interested thats what you will have to ask for as a posting.


I might be able to add a touch of clarity to some of this:

1) 3 x REME Bns currently in 1 UK Armd Div:

1 Bn = 4 Mech Bde in Osnabruck, a universtiy city one hour from dutch border and 2 and a half hours from Amsterdam/Europort depending on how you drive. A good night out with lots of clubs, 'nightclubs', bars and excellent places to eat. The Bn is out of two about 10 mins and 12 ish euros in a taxi. Barracks shared with QDG, who fulfill majority of guards.
Next tour this autumn TELIC 11 def, some OCULUS (Balkans to you) and the REME tour Bn always picks up a seletion of randomn singleton posts (ie Class 1) knocking around, Techs I think thou is only topped up with Falklands.
1 Bn became a Mech Bde officially last Dec. So it will lose its CR2. The RDG are taking WR on Ops and I think that's them then. The other change to make it Mech is the Lancs (whichever no they are) are getting 430i series (i, how i laughed when i heard that. Injection????! says animal, no improved, was the reply) also known as Bulldog. Still like driving a tissue box around. Anyway is curently due to roulement back to UK with 4 Bde. This starts straight after the tour with some units moving to the Caterick area from about July 08. Bn due to scarper at moment about Xmas 08, poss put back to spring 09 depending if new built bks ready.
Keeps OPR group ie Pax and GPATE until after tour.

2 Bn = 7 Armd Bde in Fallingbostel. Staying an Armd Bde, ie keeping CR2. In a car is about 4 hours from the border with NL, however, is much closer to come excellent DE cities ie Hamburg and Hannover. About 2 or 3 hrs from Berlin too. Small town area with a smatering of pubs, bars and plenty of dubious clubs, here I am thinking a cha cha's! Most of drinking activity is kept in baracks area, Hairy Pig on camp. 2 Bn = St Barbara's barracks with (i think) 4 scots, Highlanders, and 16 Tanks. Camp opposite is 2RTR and someone else too. So lots of units and plenty of REME.
They have just come back from being Ops Bn last April. Covering some Pooolands this year.
2 Bn = have just re-orged ready for the OPR move into 2 x CS Coys (7 obviously was the old one and I think 11 (i'm sure some one will pick me up if I'm wrong) anyway its one of the old Wksp numbers. The other Coy which was HQ is now ES Coy. The effect for Tech is that 2 x Tels vehs have been sent to the CS Coys and the remainder is ES. GPATE is the primary OPR Electronic element so will move with the remainder of the OPR Pl as they are calling it. OPR groups are forming in Theatre Troops Coys and at war (not doing Ops at moment) will be placed in SPOD/APOD instead of the back of DSG now. This will eventually leave Inst and some SNCOs to disappear into obscurity. This is prob a daunting time for old school Inst Techs, as the smallest and weakest of the herd always gets picked off first. I give them a year or two before DEME(A) chops them and puts sight repair with SRF in OPR.

3 Bn = 20 Armd Bde in Paderborn. Also staying an Armd Bde. Like Osnatras its a university city with s**t loads to do. South of the others and east of the huge Rhine area mass of cities it can take about 3 hours to the border, depending on whether you have the guts to tackle the B1 and that area is a soldi Stau at rush hours. Has a Barcelona like Os and lots a other good places to drink in town with a 'Brit' Pub the Highlander and a Deutsch Irish pub the Auld Triangle being favourites. Camp is shared with a WR Regt curently PWRR or whatever they're called now and 35 Engrs.
Just came back form Ops last autumn.
Seems to be taking a doctrine/REME headline breather. And probably well deserved since Crazy E*an left. Although a REME Bn is never quiet since the re-balancing. Still has its own share of firing camps, Pooolands etc to cover.

Bar live firing support, GPATE conc is next big Tech thing. @ 2Bn this year not Cal Lab and the panicking has already begun there!

Depending on your previous unit and the person you replace gives the LSN for each individual posted in. Newbys just get LSN replacing. Old sweats should get placed by experience but this usually involves the person being posted i.ding his mate leaving and ringing MCM. Once in a Bn as a second tourer its likely you'll be a Sect dogs body until an equipment course can be cound for you, could be months depending on the sect requirememtns and when the course is, but you'll learn a lot about your section anyway.
If you are sent to GPATE in a Diana LSN beware. The course is the shortest, easiest to administrate by VT and therefore comes around the most. Point? leads to about 10 Diana Ops trying to get on one wagon. Not too much pressure for a second tourer as should be Class 2 anyway. Other courses include GPTIRF (Thermal Image and other box repair), CSU (compressors and bottle packs) and CRU/PAU (Convertor Relay Unit/Power Amplifier Unit (geeeeek) the CR2 boxes which didn't fit in the other wagons), and the GPATE Maintainer course for the guy who scratches his head a lot when Diana or Tirf doen't work ie every time its run up, self tests ATP tests or trys to test an LRU (white box in a tank).

Tels is BOWMAN only now. Courses are hard to come by unless you're going on ops. Inst is SRF (few courses but quite short) and Level 3 Optics which is three months in Arborfield and Borden!

Any more questions?
torque_tester said:
there are 3 bn's out here 1,2 and 3, why not contact there welfare dept and ask for an info pack.

however 1 bn is closing soon, that was the better of the 3.

ps what did the Doc say...lol

FECK !! The other two must be really PANTS then !!
I am at 2Bn at the moment so if you want any info PM and I will answer any questions you have.
PPP? And here was me thinking for a mo that DEME(A) had gone for a Public Private Partnership agreement and was selling 2 Bn off to Kwikfit....

Trebles all round!

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