PPI - did I take it out?!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by alfred_the_great, Oct 3, 2012.

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  1. Right, I've been bombarded by companies all offering to get me back £3k of PPI I have been mis-sold - the kicker is I don't think I've ever taken it out. It's not on my mortgage or a small loan I have (it paid for the double glazing) - is there a way I can find out if I actually am owed some money?

    I know there is a free way of doing this, but typing PPI into google simply produces lists of the companies who are making contact with me!

    Many thanks.
  2. I wasn't 100% sure so I just wrote to all the companies I could remember having loans with inc my mortgage and stated that I believed I had been mis-sold PPI. Got money back from most of them including my mortgage provider. What have you got to lose?
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  3. Just do it. I claimed for two with a company but only one had PPI on. OK, they got 30%, but who cares.

    I did a third direct with Lloyds and got the full (£2k+) back, without paying anyone commission.
  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Thats the way to do it! And you don't have to pay anything to the claims company, of course if you can't be arrsed then get the claims industry to di it for you and take 70% of something you didn't have before.
  5. Don't bother with the cold calls and letters, go to your online bank site, in the find box type PPI then hit find most sites will bring up a load of waffle but all must have a link to the financial ombudsman's PPI Claim form (same form for all UK banks).
    Fill a form in for all loans or credit card and send them to the address on your own banks site. Your bank must give you a answer within 6 weeks that you have a case or not, if you have a case they must complete it within 3 months. If the say no and you think you have a case then send all forms and letters from your bank to the financial ombudsman, they will letter you know quite quickly if you have a case and will take it on but warn you that it may take 12 months, most of the time it takes 6 months.
    I had no loans and never had but I put a claim in for my Credit Card/s Nat West answered with a case within 3 weeks and settled in a further 7 weeks, I thought PPI had been paid without my consent over the last 3 years, turned out the had been charging me since 1991. Had to sit down with the offer. Smiles all around.
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  6. I get these calls/texts/emails all the time, and I have never had any type of loan except my student one which is from the government anyway. So they are probably just cold calling, however if you are thinking you may have paid it at some point then worth checking out.
  7. Since I've been whiling the time watching gash daytime TV, I've noticed the one zillion companies offering to claim it for you.

    I can't be arrsed to fill out all the shit myself, and send it all off, so I've found a company online with a low % that will do it for me.

    I've no idea if I'm owed anything......but it's worth a try!
  8. I called up Northern Rock about 3 months ago to enquire if I had PPI on a loan that finished back in 2010.
    Apparently I did. So I said I wanted to claim it back as I hadn't asked for it.
    4 weeks later I had a letter offering me just over £4k. I filled in the bank details for the money to be sent to, and had the cash a week later in my bank account.

    It took one phone call that lasted approximately 5minutes maximum.
  9. Are you back already?
  10. Yeah, but fly back on Sunday.
  11. I remember taking a loan out in about 2007 and then they told me about PPI. From what I remember it was a croc of shite that was almost impossible to claim for, so I didn't take it. I've never had PPI even on a credit card. However I still get texts telling me I'm owed £3,300 in Mis-sold PPI. Strange through, the highest loan I've ever had 5 years ago was only for £3,000!

    I've heard that payday loans are the next one they're going to target after the PPI claims run dry....
  12. I've just rang my bank about this, and I'm apparently owed money from 3 loans? God knows how far back they can go, as I've not had a loan for several years now.

    They put me through to some PPI team based out of the Phillipines by the sounds of it, who were shit. I'll call them back tomorrow and hopefully get someone I can understand.
  13. I''ve had a lot of loans over the past 15 years, I'm fairly sure I haven't taken out PPI because my circumstances were such that I wouldn't have been able to claim on it, but listening to others I do wonder if it's been imposed on me without my knowing. The problem is that I've lost or destroyed the paperwork when I've paid off the loans, so if there is a way of either myself or a third party finding out who if any I had PPI with I'd be grateful for the info!! Has anyone had particularly good service from a 3rd party PPI claim companies?
  14. Complete guide how to do it yourself here: Reclaim PPI for Free: £1,000s for mis-sold insurance...
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  15. How far back can the claims go? 95% of my loans/credit cards are pre-2006...