PPA (Path profile analysis)

Does anyone know of any reputable freeware or software that can carry out VHF & HF PPA. Yes I know Combat does, however I want something I can use without having to power up a vehicle! Many moons ago there was a program called Win HF (I think) but I don't seem to be able to find it anywhere. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. Operating system would be windows.
msr, I have spent my entire lunch hour doing nothing but 'googling' it seems that unless you want to do PPA for microwave links or mobile telecomms there is not a lot out there. Someone must have a good program on their laptop that they use when planning exercises or op. Plus I don't want to pay for software!
May i suggest the YOS at the Inf CIS div in Warminster. We always used to do it the hard way with pencils and maffs but the YOS was the custodian of WIN HF and used it to plan all of the Inf CIS exercises.
Project Spectra is freely available from the DE&S ISS guys who work at Engineers Corner, Blandford. If your RA, speak to the YofS at Larkhill, he will be able to point you in the right direction.
Win HF has been withdrawn. As already mentioned on here, get Spectra which is pretty good. If you want to do some Skywave then Forrest Moor do predictions I believe.
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