Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BevisRory, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. If a friendly is captured,

    Are they still referred to as a POW, or is there a proper Military Term

  2. If there was a train crash on the border between America and Mexico,where would the survivors be buried?
  3. In the desert. Up to their necks with honey poured over their heads of course :D
  4. The military term if someone is captured on current operations is 'Fucked'.
  5. Not totally sure of the Legalities, but I remember in our searches for then Pvt. Maupin that he was referred to as DUSTWUN:
    DUty STatus - Whereabouts Unknown.

    Realistically, we knew he was already dead as the AQ wouldnt have spared a video of him were he still alive. Most of our raids and searches were within 5 miles of where his remains were eventually found. Having seen the recovery images of Pfc's Tucker and Menchaca as well, I frankly wouldnt want to be captured by our current enemies.