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Discussion in 'REME' started by Reme_Bloke, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. Anybody have a REME powerpoint template available please, official one if poss.
    Got to do a nice presentation in front of some pips n crowns in a few weeks and dii not being my friend at the moment.
  2. Dont do bull$hit, if you stick to standard presentation colours (yellow on blue, black on white etc), keep the presentation simple (no gay sounds or transition effects).

    Learn your subject matter, rehearse with the kit you will be using (laptop, mouse, projector, memory stick, cd etc) keep the info on the slides to a minimum but expand on each one verbally and allow time for questions.

    If you know your stuff and have the confidence to carry it off, no one will care about a capbadge at the bottom of the screen.

    Good luck mate

  3. Use the built-in clip art, use that txt effect where it comes in one letter at a time and go for lots of sound effects. You can distract the top bloke that way, as he'll be speechless.
  4. PM me with your Email address and I will forward one on...
  5. Are you still using the pink background with yellow text??