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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Victorian_Major, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. I'm getting a garden office put in. A sparky will run a 13a power supply from the house mains.

    My question is, to provide a network, will I be able to use a powerline adapter and if so, can these things double up as we already have one pair serving the TV? It will probably be easier to run LAN to the TV than out to the garden so if the answer is no I can do some planning.

    Of course, the best answer is 'wait and see', which I shall do for the femtocell O2 boost box that runs the phone. But the family will be outraged if they lose TV even for half an afternoon so I need to do some thinking now...

  2. I know BT "Comtrend Powerline adaptors" carried the broadband on the earth wire - ergo - as long as you use a common earth you can put another 1 or more adaptors into the network. You have to synchronise them all together - the master being connected to the router - slaves distributed where you need them. There is a user manual online for this manufacturer. Hope this helps !
  3. Aha, didn't know that. I'll have a look at getting some more adapters...
  4. yes mate that will work - just ensure you connect the Powerline adapter direct into the plug socket on the wall and NOT onto a 4-way (or similar) with Surge / Spike protection - these contain filters which will prevent your Powerline equipment from working properly and devices won't talk to each other.

    worth checking with the electrician if there will be any other protection on the line (other than the standard circuit breaker in the fusebox) as new standards and H&S might mean an outhouse now has extra protection.

    likewise - ensure the other Powerline device in your house is not on a Surge / Spike protected socket and it should work well.

    you can just keep adding similar devices all over your property wherever you need Internet access - just ensure they are all compliant with each other (i.e. Homeplug 1.0 etc).

    futureproof yourself and get some decent D-Link 500 kit here.
  5. If your sparks is running cable why not just throw in a bit of cat 5 alongside it? You can get all the gear from screwfix and terminating it's easy of course this depends on where your hub/router is and also if your new office is less than 1k away on your estate!Don't get me wrong Powerline adaptors are good but nothing beats the real thing.
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    It's a shed really, isn't it. Your not fooling anyone

    Would echo the above and get the sparky to lay some Cat 5 cable (100m is the recommended max distance) from your shed to the router.
  7. Avoid the Comtrend adapters they had a bad right up with fronts become loose and a potential shock/fire risk. The BT Simpler adapters are better and there are many on ebay
    BT Powerline Simpler Adapters | eBay
    Much better than wireless with a constant speed guaranteed. Pair them up in a double socket next to one another and then locate them to the shed or wherever.
  8. Oh no. Not a shed - not a shed at all. I'll post pictures when it is done - but not in a shed thread, because it isn't a shed.

    Cat 5 cable may be the answer, but getting that close to the routers in the house will be a pain as it is a very old building and routing stuff on the inside is a pain and on the outside is a no-no as it is listed.