Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by RoyalEngineers, Dec 25, 2007.

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  1. Got my powerbreathe. I was a bit nervous at first for some reason :wink:

    It's no miracle, but I think I can stick at it, and I did the thirty breaths.. HOW CAN YOU NOT? :twisted:
  2. Turn it up. If you are doing the 30 easily you are not using it correctly. Read the manual perhaps.

    Handy things. Still using mine.

  3. Yes I have just edged it up to level 6 (Gucci Red one). ...How fu**ing hard?
  4. Yer, I think it says 25 or am I wrong. Having always been the fat wheezy kid at the back I invested in one 3 years ago, they do make a difference if you use every morning and night without fail, does wonders for yer cunnilingual performance as well. Don't forget to sterlise it regularly in Miltons or the like.
  5. The new one's go from 1-10 if you buy the gucci pro athlete one's.
  6. Where do you get them from blob, are they good
  7. Fuck me. I've heard of some gimmicks in my time but this takes the biscuit. :wtf:
  8. Nah honest Fall they do work but take some getting used to, good for asthmatics n the like
  9. Oh! They don't contribute to getting fitter then? It says it increases exercise tolerance and improves sports performance. I suppose they could be good for people with breathing difficulties or athletes at the pinnacle of fitness looking for anything to help improve that .5%. There again i could be wrong and a puff on one of these badgers a day could mean i can give up fitness forever! where do i sign up? :D
  10. Yeah, but this one goes to 11.
  11. What do they auctually do, increase lung capacity? Or like Fally said a biscuit taking gimmick?
  12. Nah man they actually work. I thought the same thing but a mate of mine swore by his.

    Basically they increase your lung capacity and the efficiency of your diaphragm... because of the way it works you also have to learn to breathe "properly" and as a result its much easier to suck in air when you are knackered.

    I noticed the most gains in the first 3 months then I kind of leveled off, but still feel like it helps me and I am slowly turning it up each time. Up to level 6 right now.

    If you buy one get the red one or the black ironman one (the resistance is the same). Anyone can do level 1 on the red ones so no point buying a weaker one.

    EDIT: Forgot to say, its definately not a replacement for cardio. That isnt the idea.

  13. Well i hope the fcuking thing works as i've just bought one. Got to try anything these days to keep up with the young toms.
  14. Well yeah it was easy.. I was just thinking that you should slowly progress up the levels :p

    Level 2 tomorow it is..

    And it works on, if this means owt to you:

    Inspiratory muscle strength
    Inspiratory muscle endurance
    Peak Inspiratory flow rate
    Sub-maximal cycle endurance?
    Peak cycle work rate?

    That's what it says on the box, basically it's a bit of plastic with a spring in it that you take 30 breaths into twice daily, fast and hard in, slow and easy out.

    And it CAN make you light headed ;)