Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Gringo, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone have any experiences using one of these PowerBreath devices? I have been looking all over the web since seeing them in Argos and have read mixed reviews?! Any info would be appreciated...
  2. Half an orange and a bulldog clip should do it?
  3. Myself and a few other guys bought them. The guys that got benefits were the real athletic types - the ones who ran for the Army etc.

    For most of the guys in the "normal" range ( + 8:00 BPFA) there weren't any noticeable changes.
  4. Which one did you buy Bossdog? The red or blue one?
  5. Greta piece of kit, I use the red model.
  6. Yeah I've got one, impressive little thing for not a lot of money.
    I combine it with use of a hypoxicator which mimicks high altitude training which makes your red blood count (oxygen carrying blood cells) go up.

    Really effective - hypoxicators used to cost thousands, but now you can pick one up for £600.
  7. Try sef asphyxiation whilst stroking your little chap. Same effect less money.
  8. heh heh reminds me of a night in amsterdam once....

    anyway, thanks for the coaching ;-)
  9. Alternatively, wearing your S10 resi while out running has a similar effect!

    Can get unusual looks from passers by though :O