Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Morty, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/0104401/Trail/C%24cip%3D50353.Sports%2Band%2Bleisure%3EC%24cip%3D50464.Health%2Band%2Bfitness%2Bmonitors%2Band%2Baids%3EC%24cip%3D50465.Powerbreath.htm

    Anyone know how/if these things work? I'm assuming you blow into it and it offers a degree of resistance, over time this will in some way aid CV fitness? I've been a smoker for ten years and am suffering the results of it, if these things are gonna help a little then i'm all for getting one.

    P.S I realise it's not a substitute to excercise. That'd be nice wouldn't it? :p

  2. I bought one a couple of years ago after catching pleurosy of all bloody things. it's basically a plastic tube with a coil type thing inside which you can twist to increase the resistance on breathing in, they recommend 30 breaths in twice a day. Personally it seems to have helped me as I'm still clocking 3 hr marathons and I'm over 40! If you're a smoker I reckon it would probably help to increase your lung capacity but I'm no Dr.
  3. Cheers for the quick reply! I've given up the fags now but still feel out of breath especially when sprinting, it's my major, major downfall at moment. For 30 dabs it's gotta be worth a go.
  4. Yup. Got to be worth a bash, don't put the clip thing on your nose though, its weird!
  5. :? How so?
  6. Just doesn't feel right and when you're inhaling on a coiled spring it makes your head feel like it's going to pop!
  7. Uh - huh, that definately sounds weird! Cheers JD!
  8. They do 3 different types; I bought the red one, more resistance. Its Johnny rock, a little device that really does test your lungs and diaphragm to the max. Go red, your head will.
  9. Lots of research out there on them, the science backs it up have a look at any sports medicine website. They don't increase your CV fitness as such just increase your lung capacity which in turn etc...........

    there are cheaper alternatives - blowing up balloons does the same thing!!

    just be warned when you do start to expand your lungs again there'll be allsorts of crap lurking down there.... but better out than in!

    good luck and well done for quitin'
  10. I might try this when I build up my funds ;) I must have some crap in my lungs :lol:
  11. I got one when I developed mild asthma. After using it as well as continuing my phys, everything is back to normal. I would defo recommend one.
  12. I was debating on whether to get one, I saw 2 variations on the official Powerbreathe website - The Ironman series...new look design or actually meant for super athletes?
  13. Well now my system is hunking dory and I finally have a new job I might make that purchase; every little helps!©
  14. I gave up smoking recently and both the PT Corps guys and the doc s have said that swimming is the biz for increasing CV capacity. Any one got any info or regimes that I should follow in the pool?
  15. Pyramids and intervals it says 'ere in Fighting Fit. Basically just the same you'd do on the running track. I'd defo agree with that sentiment, I used to be an ace swimmer, could just belt out length after length. Now I have to stop and catch breath every few hundred metres. Quite sad really.