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Powerboating - any RLC boaty people about?

I'm after some advice, probably from those fine Port and Maritime people...

I'm an RYA Powerboat Instructor and am looking at providing this as part of an AT package. Something along the lines of each group having half a day on the water, helming under supervision, perhaps doing some sort of nav exercise.

Seems to be little mention of powerboating as an AT activity in JSP419, apart from in relation to diving. I've been told it is therefore the same as taking the unit go karting, paintballing etc.

Anybody know any different? And while I'm on, do my civ quals relate to any army boat quals? Just in case I need to ask for a RIB.

Cheers in advance!
No idea but if you want to drive a Pacific 22 or 24 in the RN its a specific different course from the RYA PBlvl2 for example that you use to drive Seariders and such.

That probably doesn't help.


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AGAI 18 contains a section on Army helm qualifications/civvy equivelants and who is allowed to drive what. Theres also a section covering adventure training that may be useful. I dont have a copy handy so cant say how useful it will be for your specific scenario.


CH133567457853455 is your man. I think he does some power boat stuff. He certainly doesnt do much Pet Opping. Just dont ask him to account for fuel or add up.................
CH133567457853455 is your man. I think he does some power boat stuff. He certainly doesnt do much Pet Opping. Just dont ask him to account for fuel or add up.................

Account for that what were meant to do?!

Powerboating in the Army is a bit sparse. 17 PM do run both RYA L2 and Instructor courses (just wish more would attend the Instructor one then i can do it!!). The L2 is run for "adventure training activites". Now this is fine but as you are aware to bareboat hire a RiB isnt exactly cheap on a Adv Training budget along with that, not many Units have a RiB especially not around the UK. Some may have one for diving etc. Your RYA qualification is applicable in the Mil but really only on Adv Trg Ex's. Saying all that i do take out Mess members and Sqn lads on trips out from Lymington every now and then, bareboat chartering from a company down there. Everyone chips in for fuel and the hire.
Army Inshore Sail Training Centres at Thorney Island in UK and Moehnesee in Germany do powerboating courses, as do BKYC in Kiel, Germany. I'd imagine they'd also "charter" boats for unit L2 AT, they do with the sailing yachts.


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Marchwood was the place in my day and a few loafers like me did the RYA Powerboat Handler 1-4 course. Lovely weather and good hosting by the RLC. Happy times.


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73 Sqn RLC (P&M Trg Wing) at Marchwood (actually a sub-unit of 25 Trg Regt RLC, Def Log School, DCLPA) were certainly running powerboat cses less than 2 years ago. I don't have contact details to hand but if you do a search on DII you should find them quickly enough and the SI there should be able to advise on the quals bit at least. The G3 PAT at you Div HQ are the guys to advise on the AT JSP or go through your RAPTC QMSI if you are in a unit - if any of them said it wasn't an authorised AT activity then it probably isn't.
this activity sounds like fun. please cancel immediately.
Cheers for the very helpful replies all!
IIRC from the AGI you need the RYA safety boat qual and a level 2 for the other boat(s). Don't forget medical cover. There are also some very strong hints about propeller shrouds being required. You need a second boat large enough to contain it's crew and the the entire complement of the boat being used for "fun" as the safety boat and as someone said if the boat is over 6M you'll need a different qualification.

Just in case you are thinking that you can tick all the boxes you will need to get it all signed of by your CO as ATwho will then be putting his future career on the line. His adjutant will of course remind him of drowned Army cadet Kaylee McIntosh as his pen hovers over the consent.

Probably the only sane route is some bartering with your local booties and conduct a training exercise. i did with some really fast boats that "they" use. Speed limit in Poole Harbour....not in these things!
Mrs M and her side of the familiy have done a lot of Powerboat racing. We were only talking the other day about why the Army don't endulge in such an activity and enter competitions. I'm sure the Army would be able to find more funding than a lot of the amateur racers. There is a very professional looking Italian Army team who race the European circuit and have been to the UK (for a thrashing) a number of times.

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