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Power Vertical (or Vertical Power or вертикаль власти) is the new latest buzzword to describe pseudo-dictatorships acting behind a cloak of apparent democracy. Putin is a fine example of Power Vertical, although he's having a few teething problems.

Bit of background here: The Power Vertical and the Nation
here: Власть
here: Titular Power Vertical
and here: The Power Vertical
(My apologies that the latter link is the renowned Goebbels mouthpiece Radio Free Europe.)

Power Vertical is now enveloping Ukraine but, given that Yanukovich does not enjoy the same level of genuine popular support that Putin does, the democratic process is having to be assisted in producing the right result.

BBC News - Democratic malaise draws Ukraine eastwards
Ukraine's government: Life under Yanukovich | The Economist

Democracy in the UK is a shambles. Once (old) Labour left the scene and removed the clear differentiation of ideologies, all parties are fighting for the same ground and only have different flavoured lollypops to sell to the voters. The party perceived to offer the most - in handouts not political ideas - wins. Even in a time of severe austerity and supposed budget cuts, the actual total budget has been increased from 600 to almost 700 billion!!! No real reform for the good of the nation is ever likely occur under this system. None of the major public spending black holes (welfare, NHS, education) are going to have anything meaningful done to close them.

Is it now time for a bit of Power Vertical in the UK? Discuss.
Interesting article whitecity. But surely 'Power Vertical' only works in countries where opposition political parties are either inadequate in status or insufficiently funded to mount a credible opposition. It couldn't happen in the UK as we have three well-established political parties regardless of their ideology. It gives us 'choices' so any kind of power base built can be easily dismantled if another party comes to power. Our style of government would never be in the dictatorship category.

Now the quesion of whether we would benefit from 'Power Vertical' is powerful...at a time when all three political parties so-called ideologies are close it begs the question. A thought occurs whilst we have two political parties policies shaping the UK could this be construed as the beginning of PV - more will be accomplished as there is agreement in a common aim and only one party (Labour) are in opposition.
Hi Whitecity!

The so called Power Vertical in Russia is founded on a widespread corruptions. The stage of primitive bribes is over long ago. Each town, city, area have own 'master' who effectively controls local business. The 'master' controls electoral process. Now electoral fraud is very common. Even pens with vanishing ink were used. 'Masters' who are unable to forge a 'victory' of the ruling party - United Russia - risk to lose their comfortable (and very profitable) chairs.

As for moron Putin, then he is not so popular now as previously. Really the people is tired watching this gang of leeches that suck blood from Russia.

It is pointless to discuss this model in respect to the UK. The Power Vertical is a fruit of primitive capitalism a la 19th century.

From 4 to 7 November I have been to Sankt-Peterburg with my family. It is a very attractive city worth to be visited. Driving my car from Moscow (700km) I saw poor villages with dark wooden houses. Many with broken roofs. The road itself is terrible - narrow and not very 'smooth'.

These two dwarfs that rule Russia - moron Putin and so called 'president' Medvedev bleat about modernisation, innovations, nano-technologies... But there are still two Russian problems (as the saying tells): fools and roads. Russian fools-rulers are unable to build good roads.
In many respects I find KGB_resident's response as interesting as whitecity's original opener. I've locked horns with Sergey on matters Russian and others over the years, but I would always concede that he is a true son of the Rodina. In that respect I find his attitude towards Putin in particular very interesting. I appreciate that the image we here in the West have of Putin is filtered through a Western media lens, but I would have thought that he was still popular in Russia itself (I say this whilst having no time for the former Chekist myself...). I confess that my interest in this has been encourageed of late by reading Misha Glenny's McMafia: Seriously Organised Crime.
We have a power-vertical in the EU: there is a de facto federal EU government, nations such as UK can bluster all they want but are compelled to obey EU laws, local (Westminster) politicians are a largely powerless and irrelevant organisation that simply provide an illusion of democratic contact between the rulers and the ruled...
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