Power Troop JHQ!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by hurrahfortheRE, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. One of the blokes at my place is posted to JHQ and asked me for any top tips and handy hints but I've never served there I can only comment on Germany as a whole(not hole best time of my life) anyone help?

    Cheers HFTRE
  2. 1 JHQ is commonly known as Little England or Aldershot on the Rhine, so he needs to get off base if he isn't a pad.

    2 It's about 8 km from Mönchengladbach and 50 km from Düsseldorf. Public transport is pretty decent but wheels are a must.

    3 Your guy needs to develop a interest in German soccer. The local team's Borussia and the whole place is soccer crazy. Germans don't play rugby, of either variety.
  3. He will very soon 'play' with the Big House on Flying fcukup and ARRCade confushion :twisted:
  4. is it full of immigrants then :? :? :? :?
  5. Well, I think the JHQ Poles are just a hang-over from the last show... :wink:
  6. He is a pad, whats the best place to put in for a quarter? and a Maaaan U fan so he'll get on with the immigrants.
  7. Most of the quarters are on camp but there are smaller patches in the town and neighbouring villages. He'll probably get put on camp (good idea to ask for this if they've got small kids because the schools etc are all within walking distance, but they will need a car to get anywhere off base).

    As for soccer, yeah, he'll get on with the immigrants - though the septics will probably see him as yet another alien.
  8. anyone know what they have coming up????


    cheers chaps.
  9. I have been told that elements of ARRC are going back out to the stan, Knocker, but not sure if that will involve the Headquarters and Power Troop.