Power Station Protestors Arrested

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Horridlittleman, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. I'd like to know how the great unwashed travelled there? Did they all walk and cycle or use the great white elephant now known as the Toyota Prius? Also do none of them use electricity? As far as I was aware there are no electricity providers who specialise in environmentally friendly electricity.

    BBC Link

  2. What I could say? Switch to gas and that's all.

    I lived just near a huge power station in Moscow (1300MWt). The smoke was dense 20 years ago. But later the station began to use only natural gas as a fuel and a smoke looked not so disturbing.
  3. Actually you can buy your electricty from "Ecotricity" who only invest in green technologies. There may also be a couple of others around now. Out of the main ones Eon have the greatest investment into renewables and being vertically integrated (they supply to grid + sell to consumer) your money is going towards green (ish). (Drax only supplies to grid, it is a company in its own right)

    On the otherhand all the protestors are w*nkers. They don't have a fcuking clue. Drax already reduces its emisisons by co-firing with biofuels. It is also essential to the electricity supply in this country, it will take years for the capacity to catch up for us to be able to replace Drax.

    Drax is supplying a demand (electricity). If the protestors don't like it then they should take the issue up with the consumers and try to encourage more people to sign up for green providers.

    These people give environmentalists a bad name. Yes coal is carbon emititng fuel source, and releases double the quantity of carbon compared to gas, but our gas will be 95% imported by 2020, which isn't the greatest security of supply.

    The drax spokesperson chats bollox though about coal being the most flexible of fuel sources, as gas comes on and off line far quicker, with less warm up time and with less infastructure required around a station (coal handling facilites etc compared to a gas pipeline)
  4. And exactly what percentage of the population is actually supplied by these companies?
  5. It must be tinfoil day , but I am deeply suspicious as to the motives of this particular group or protesters at this time.
  6. No idea, but it's a completely free market, therefore anyone can sign up to these providers. They're not much more expensive than the cheapest, and can be very cheap.

    http://www.uswitch.com/Energy/index.asp?ref= <--- price comparison based on your consumption and available suppliers
  7. Fortunately living in a mess I don't have to worry about who supplies my power. So long as my beer fridge keeps chugging away I'm happy. However this has left me somewhat out of the loop on electricity and its providers. Are the "eco" providers more expensive? I'm making the assumption that they would be.

    Sorry I was typing as Crabbies response was posted. However what happens when "Ecotricity" has more demand than supply, do they turn off or switch to "dirty" electricity?
  8. HorridLittleMan,

    You'll find that 6% of your Mess's electrickery is in fact supplied from renewable sources already.


    However, I've long believed that there's much more that the Armed forces could do to put their house in order when it comes to environmental issues. For example, how many times do you see Rovers etc left with their engines running when there is no particular need? We're probably all guilty of this at some time or other, and a lot of it comes from the train of thought that goes something like "It ain't my fuel, I'm not paying, why should I care" etc etc. However, of course, seeing as we're all taxpayers, we are all paying.

    Apologies, Rant over, just a personal niggle of mine there...

    As for what would happen if Ecotricity signed up more customer demand than they had the ability to supply - well in the short term, you're correct, the shortfall would be met from the grid, and could have been supplied by anything from coal, nuclear or gas, or even someone else's wind or hydro station. In the long term, because the customer is paying a [small] premium, it would make it economic for the company to make further investments in new clean power sources.
  9. They don't need a motive, it's just an excuse to kill some time between giro day. They love a ruck with the police as much as most football hooligans just instead of Prada they dress up like crusty the clown.
  10. I agree with them: close Drax now, switch to nuclear power immediately: clean, hygienic, 'carbon neutral' and much more fun to watch eco-loons tie themselves in knots trying to justify their hatred of it on scientific as opposed to quasi religious grounds...

  11. I think you're being a bit too hasty or judgemental. According to The Independent, they include scientists, engineers, computer programmers, etc. - many who have taken the day off work to join in the protest. OK, there's the usual mix of 'rent a crowd' and anti capitalists and anarchists, but looking at some of the young clean cut faces, I've got the feeling this is just the start of something that may grow and gain momentum as time goes on. One major problem to be overcome is China's desire to build hundreds of coal-fired power stations as their economy grows. It's now possible (the scientists tell us) to store the CO2 produced by coal-fired stations and bury it, but it's debatable whether the Chinese will go in for this, given the example set by the west in past decades (and if the costs are prohibitive)
  12. Bloody hell this is getting scary i'm begining to agree with you more and more nibbler.

    Hell i like you, you can come around my house and fcuk my sister!

    As for frenchpersons post, yeah unfortunately for most real protest groups real idiots from anarchist groups jump on their bandwagon and nause it all up for them.

    hence the clown insurgent rebel army seen on TV, professional plod winder uppers.
  13. Bad start to my morning, Just listened to one of these 'Protesters' say All Generating stations must close.
    john If only I had a uni education then I could be an educated idiot too.
  14. Did anybody notice who was policing the march, The Metropolitan Police!!.

    Are North Yorkshire a bit thin on the ground up there when it comes to public order events??.

    The last time the Met were up that way, they were bashing the fcuk out off striking miners!. There was also a nasty rumour that squaddies were dressed in police uniforms and used on the picket lines.
  15. "There was also a nasty rumour that squaddies were dressed in police uniforms and used on the picket lines. "

    My my wonder who started that ?