Power-screaming - Yay or Nay?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Snoreador, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. A not-at-all-serious post... Having been a little ill with the sniffles recently (man flu, most definitely), my running had taken a bit of a hit (get half a mile, go light-headed and nearly pass out type thing). Now I'm picking up again, I went to see how my 1.5 time was. On the third lap of the field (which is kindly exactly 0.5 miles around, very thoughtful of it) I found myself still flagging, and feeling the need to yell inconsequential sounds at the top of my voice ('Yarrrggggghhhhhhh'). I then realised that I probably sounded like a nobber, and had also scared (or should that be scarred?) the dog walkers by the river. Didn't stop me doing it again though...

    So - power-screaming, is it ever justified? I think probably not, but I might take it up as a recreational hobby.
  2. No! It’s only okay when Maria Sharapova does it.
  3. Or the Williams twins, perhaps?
  4. They scare the shit out of me when they do that.
  5. Didn't they get asked to tone it down at Wimbledon a year or two ago? I must say I find it somewhat distracting.
  6. No ostentatious bestial grunting please. We're British.
  7. When I hear joggers heavy breathing or grunting it makes me wonder what their sex sounds are like. I encourage the practise but please remember: real men lift weights silently, if you've got to grunt and grumble then you're out of your depth or you're doing it wrong.
    Breathless panting is a different matter
  8. If you can scream you're not putting enough effort in.

    Its just about acceptable if you are benching half the world in a proper hetro gym, with no one around. If you are yodelling in one of those gayer gyms surrounded by birds you are beef and just look a ****