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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Boozy, Sep 9, 2011.

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  1. So I've searched and not found much about them on here, sorry if it's been done but what exactly about them is so special?

    I joined a gym yesterday and wandered over and had a go on one of the power plates. As far as I can see it's erm, just a giant vibrator really! :nod:

    The only use in my gym sessions is when I get off the treadmill/cross trainer/exercise bike and my legs feel all achey, I can jump on the power plate and it's like getting a wee massage.


    Also I know there is a thread about it elsewhere in the fitness forum, but can anyone point me towards gym training regimes (especially weightloss) that are specifically aimed at girls? Any of the pages I've looked at are all aimed at muscley men and my eyes bleed after one sentence.

  2. The vibrations are supposed to add extra stress to muscles when resistance training! Giving you more micro tears within the muscle fibres, when they rebuild the muscles build bigger and stronger. I guess optimum exercises would be squats, press-ups and other similar exercises, i dont see them being much use for a bench press or fly etc!?

    I would be interested to learn more.
  3. FDW

    FDW Old-Salt

    Power plates have been shown to be somewhat beneficial in helping injury recovery, but these are £20k+ machines that operate on specific frequencies. Same research is then bandied about by snake oil salesmen selling cheapo vibrating anything, made in china, on any frequency they feel like.

    Your gym version in all likelihood is nothing but an expensive placebo.
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  4. They're gay. I have nothing constructive to add ref them. As alluded to they may help rehab. Just leave the fat 40 pluses to use them iot understand what a migraine feels like.
  5. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    depends on it you want get fitter, lighter or slimmer.

    Buy a wii fit maybe? for ladies its supposed to be the continuous aerobic burn which is best for keeping shape while getting fit. Blokes do short high weight reps to bulk up with muscle and girls do longer classes in pilates, aerobics, step, aquafit etc... to slim down.

    zumba is the current popular thing so there should be room in the aquafit class.

    so go on then how long before they threw you off the power plate for sitting on it having a crisis?
  6. I like the sensation! But there is no doubt about it, you look like a total dick whilst using it. Only used it for five minutes.

    I have a wii but no room for wii fit! I've paid for the gym membership now anyway and it motivates me to go having to pay.

    No pool at my gym so no aquafit classses and I'm not sure they'd be my cup of tea anyway.

    I do notice I'm pretty much the only girl who uses the weights machines though... but I still think I should be doing weights as the more muscle I have, the quicker I'll burn fat?
  7. Some limited research done but ask a better question...are you intending to storm an Anne Summers shop? Them rabbits put up some stiff resistance I hear...
    Seriously though it's a non-functional resistance machine to add extra USP to over-priced gyms...run, pull, push, gardening, sex...what's wrong with the free, old-fashioned stuff?
  8. i can help with the sex boozy,
  9. On a more serious note, the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines provide guidance for strength, stretch & stamina work. Skeletal muscle needs progressive loading (2-4 sets, 12-15 reps, 2-3 sessions a week). Female skeletal muscle is no different to male, just shaped differently to the skeleton ...ahem.., time to end this post.
  10. No! Keep going, I'm almost there!
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  11. Take Sh'bam classes, they're a lot of fun. As for the muscles, if you're female go for ballet. Far more effective than weights.
  12. Also try reading "Shape" magazine from Weider group...it's in WHSmiths...top shelf next to the stuff Convict needs...
  13. *uuuurrrgghh!*

    Edit; the PC's no use, I see my orgasm face reflected in the screen, plus it gets between the keys and makes them stickkkkkkkkkkkk

    Edit; the ****, not my face. Or the screen.
  14. Mrs dillo says you're no use in that dept :p

    What is Sh'bam? I would do ballet if I was like, twiggy, but I have curves and a massive bum. It would be like that scene from Fantasia with the ballet dancing elephants. I don't want to look like a dick lol.
  15. HHH

    HHH LE

    Sh'bam is a form of dance excerise.


    I go 4 times a week :nod: