power of the sub-conscience mind!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Achmed, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. I was invited to a party last weeked, i walked in to the hall were it was held, there must have been about 300 people, as i got my drink, i felt that i was being watched , i turned around, two women that i had never met let alone seen before were looking in my direction, in an instant i knew i would be shagging the dark haired one. by 0300am i was stuck right up her.

    Can any of you ARRSE Mystic Smegs answer this? or as this happend to you?
  2. The power of rohypnol, more like.
  3. This never EVER happens to me! Probably because i enter the party swaying, dribbling and chewing my own tounge?!
    C'mon i can't be the only one?
  4. I didnt see her put anything in my drink...... :p
  5. Presumably she was the fat, sweaty one drinking snakebite and black. That isn't the power of your subconscience at work, it is the power of your low standards and alcohol.
  6. Fair play - was she field conditions standard - or will she be the next Mrs Achmed?????????

    How big was her C0Ck, bet it was bigger than yours!
  7. Hey Bat C....if she was my normal pull i wouldnt have reported in, but she was fit....even when i woke up she was fit.....so i gave a a good seeing too before breakfast
  8. She was nicely split, and fit........unlike my regular sweats
  9. I thought everyone got 'tanked up' in the NAAFI before going on to; decent pub, posh party, meet new in-laws, attend court etc.