Power of ARRSE required (in a Pen is Mightier than the Sword Scenario)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gundulph, Nov 18, 2010.

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  1. Please read the message below, and if you agree, sign the petition. I sometimes think the more we progress the more we regress

    Dear All,

    Sergeant Matthew Telford of the Grenadier Guards was promoted to that rank in June 2009.
    In November of that same year, Sergeant Telford was one of 5 British soldiers killed when a rogue Afghan policeman opened fire on them.

    His wife and family will only receive a Corporal's pension since he only held his rank of Sergeant for less than a year.

    However, he was killed on operations by the enemy whilst wearing three stripes of a Sergeant on active service.

    Please sign the petition below to support a change in the rules that deny a hero’s widow the pension she deserves.

    Rank and Pension of Soldiers Killed on Active Service | Petition of Soldiers Pensions

    Please forward onto any sympathetic contacts that you may have in your address book.
    Denise Edgar
    National Trustee
    The Royal British Legion
    Home 01904 670677
    Mobile 07982 245348
  2. Subtle bump...
    Done, and I popped a message to my MP as well :)
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    So this is an Existing EDM proposal then?
  4. Looks like it, has a number and everything [Early Day Motion [EDM 1053]]; and standing at 27,969 when I looked moments ago, for what that's worth.
  5. It is Biscuits, although it was initiated last parliament (last March).

    Signed and will email Julian Smith to ask him to sign the EDM.
  6. Signed bump
  7. It would help move everything along if Arrsers also asked their MPs to sign the EDM. You can use 'They Work For You' to get in contact.
  8. There are several precedents - I give you one, relating to WWI.

    Captain (formerly CSgt) E A Pauly 1 KRRC (1875-1944): Ernest Pauly enlisted as a HQ Recruit in 1895. After service in Sudan and the Boer War, he was commissioned in 1914. In May 1915, by now a Lt/T/Capt, he was blinded in both eyes during the Battle of Festubert.

    As he had held temporary rank for less than 3 months, his disability pension was assessed as a Lieutenant: on this matter, the War Office was adamant.

    In 1916, the worthies at the War Office received a letter from the King. Here is an extract:

    ‘The King has heard that Captain E. A. Pauly, late King’s Royal Rifles was commanding his company on the night of the 15th May 1915 in the attack upon the enemy’s position at Festubert, and whose wounds received on that occasion resulted in permanent blindness, has been informed that he must revert to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant because he had not held that of Temporary Captain for three months before the above incident took place.
    His Majesty feels that this is a case worthy of every possible consideration and of exceptional treatment. The man has lost almost everything but life, and if any little thing can be done to make the terrible affliction which he has to bear lighter, and to cheer his future days it ought to be carried out.
    The King understands that this slight concession will involve no expense to the country, and therefore he asks that Pauly may be allowed to retain the rank of Captain, which position he was considered worthy to hold and to exercise in leading his company into

    The letter caused these minions to reconsider and the pension was awarded.

    Times have changed. However, a worthy cause is still a worthy cause. I wish the petition well.
  9. All signed this location and will ask MP (Glyn Davies) to sign.
  10. Signed here. Will pass around too.
  11. Done...........................
  12. Signed, and will pass the word to my MP.
  13. Signed and being emailed around. MP will get a nudge.
  14. signed and passed on !!!
  15. Good response as expected...

    I wasn't sure about the OpSec with regards this but Denise Edgar has obviously mass mailed it out to reach as many people as possible, it was from a good friend of mine whom I received the E-Mail yesterday, it is obviously now working as the Signatures are increasing all the time...

    Nice One! lets hope ARRSE contributions helps in a big way with the right decision being made...