Power monkey cable for Lumix needed


It looks like I need a bit of advice again. After a long debate I have decided to get lumix dmc-tz20. I must say that it’s just perfect for me. it takes brilliant pictures and HD clips, its light and perfect for travelling. The problem is that I cannot find a cable to connect the camera charger (DE-A66) with the power monkey. The charger has 'AC Input' (whatever it means). Staff in the shop where I bought the camera didn’t know anything about that. I know that the best way would be to get in touch with Panasonic or Power Monkey but it’s possible via phone or post only and as I’m away now can’t really do that for the time being.

Well, if I won’t be able to get the cable I would have to stock up on few more batteries.

Any help would be appreciated

With your adventurous life I am surprised you didn't get the FT3 Lumix- a weather/dust/water proof one, with GPS and HD.
Hoist by his own petard! :)
Well, if I knew that such camera exists I guess I would get it. You could have posted your advice on my previous thread, where I asked for camera advice.
It's ok don't worry, I've got one.

It's fantastic.


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does the charger have a cable input at all? my lumix charger plugs straight into the mains.

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