Power in FOBs

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. I posted this in the Science forum but thought some Sappers might be interested.
    This was a set of trials from 2011 to try and improve the energy efficiency in FOBs - reduce fuel use and generator run time. 528 STRE were on site for a few days but they were busy trying to fix Cyprus power after the big explosion. Anyway, a short film is at the link below:

    POWERFob exercise held in Cyprus July 2011 - YouTube
  2. All good sh!t for the REMFs but i think you will find new ideas on advanced CBA and Vehicle protection will create more interest here.
  3. How the fcuk is reducing the fuel and maintenance required in tactical bases for REMFs?
  4. Oh dear, it must be the season, is Looney thinking about joining up? Giving alternative power sources to FOBs can only be good for soldiers.

    Low on everything, at least we have comms.
  5. Will it save lives.
  6. And help the guys out in the sticks.
  7. Do you know what a FOB is?
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  8. Not slating what's on offer isn't going to help the troops, the guys and girls out there doing the shit might want to hear about other ways to help them out maybe.
  9. Not having to carry as many batteries on patrol
    Not having to Force Protect as many fuel convoys
    Less specialists moving in to service/repair gennies that are running 24/7
    Silent overwatch for recce
    No battery changing for remote sensors etc
    Looney, you are just that...
  10. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hate to say it but energy efficiency is 'green' and more importantly it means less expenditure on power in FOBs which means more money elsewhere...

    Also, I am no expert but I assume this means less pax to maintain and fix stuff which means more pax on the ground or less people deployed.

    All in all, it's all good. IMHO.

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  11. looney - either you are a REMF or you really have no idea about FOBs and the effort to provide (ever-increasing) power to the battlefield.
  12. Good thread and thanks for the link to the video. It is a no brainer we will be using solar and wind in the future. Not just for hot and sandy places. Solar works well in all hemispheres and the technology is getting more efficient/smaller.
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  13. The US Marines have two dedicated units to making FOBs completely self sufficient in as many areas as possible. Not just energy but the whole gamut of green initiatives - composting/food growth/energy conservation/water recycling etc.

    Interesting stuff. I am impressed at the idea of a teeth arms unit landing in a remote location and essentially living off the land rather than living in the land with a resupply.
  14. If our price per Kwh is so small in UK but we are putting solar thermal on the swimming pool in Catterick (http://www.sol2o.co.uk/media/casestudies/catterickbarrackssoltherm.pdf), suntubes in bunkers in Instow (pg 50 http://www.mod.uk/NR/rdonlyres/F7C3A2EA-9A10-4515-9751-F25DC969B22C/0/1107215SanctuaryMagNo402011_web.pdf) and Heat pumps in Sennybridge (Pg 44 same link). We sure as hell should be putting it in where our PPKwh is vastly more expensive at point of use in the most remote/hard/costly to resup FOBs and PBs.
  15. Interesting stuff, of course we could save fuel by refusing to let soldier recharge their ipods etc etc. :p

    I wonder if the same tests would have worked in the uk though, or the arctic , or the jungle ?