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Gents just got a Power Ball after seeing them recommended on an ARRSE thread, however I am having trouble getting it going – the instructions mainly seem to focus on telling me what a ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ purchase I have just made and precious little about actually getting it up to a decent speed.

Help please.
put the lace in the hole and wind it along the groove in the centre sphere until there is about an inch of lace left over, grasp the powerball with your better hand and teh lace with your other,

pull on the lace with a fair bit of force until the centre sphere is free'd from the lace, the hand movement is hard to explain. You should sort of not rotate your wrist at first but tilt it in your hand, you should feel an increase in the momentum of the rotation, if not then you are doing it wrong,

keep at it until you get this increase in momentum, once enough is built up the gyro should be free moving and quite rapidly. Now you start rotating your wrist as you power increases you feel the pressure from the ball try to keep the grip and you keep working your wrist.

hope that helps.
Big circles to start with then get smaller to build up speed, if the ball makes a funny rattling noise then you need to slow down. There are videos on the net and a whole forum devoted to powerballers.
I dont own one but when I had a go of a mates I realised that there really is a knack to get the things going.. keep at it though its not that hard once you get the basic motion.

Tartan_Terrier said:
Hypno85 said:
I have now seen the videos. It seeems that a wnaking action is required to get them up to speed. I may have to invest in one of these as I could potentially become a new record holder.


Its weird to tell someone how to get the powerball started i couldn't get mine going for a while then you kinda work it out plus the videos on there site help.

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