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Sounds like early Midnight Oil don't they? Great band, glad you enjoyed the Gig
I got into them whilst on Long Look. I was there when Odyssey No5 was out. Saw them a couple of times in Koln. Bernard has had his hair trimmed and looks the better for it. I expected to be the only Pom there, but there weren't as many Aussies as I thought. I nicked a poster too. It was far too big to take in, so I hid it behind a skip and picked it up after.

Fair dinkum !
threaders_vm said:
happybonzo said:
glad you enjoyed the Gig
Are you their manager or something?
Wish I was - all those groupies for gropies
They must be because I don't think I've heard them ! But I will youtube them for a listen.

I am onside with Powderfinger also, because they are a Brizz band. Their last album, Vulture Street is where their recording studio is, right next to the Gabba.

The more I look back, the better the gig seems.
The Living End are AMAZING! Imagine a better Green Day mixed with Stray Cats with a stand up bass. Why they are still 'unknown' is a mystery to me.
I'd recommend getting Bernard Fannings Solo album....it's excellent. It's called "Tea & Sympathy"
the_guru said:
Bernard has had his hair trimmed and looks the better for it.
you are a bloke right?

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