Powdered milk in individual sachets.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. Whilst the tea bag has made a welcome return in some of the newer ration packs there is still no sign of any powdered milk, just those wretched coffe whiteners with all manner of goo in them. Ruins a cup of tea.

    Bagging up little packets of powdered milk from a big tub of it is a pain in the arse and the contents go off after a while, certainly before the tub is finished.

    Can anyone suggest a supplier for powdered milk in individual sachets? "Whitener", non dairy fat etc not required.
  2. You might like to try Googling "Catering Packs of Beverage Whitener". It gets quite a few hits and you might find something to suit.
  3. No idea, just get a small container and put some powdered milk in that....job jobbed.
  4. Stop off at one of those coffee shops at garages they have the 'straws' of UHT milk, dead handy.
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  5. Course the old guys will remember tubes of condensed milk.....
  6. If you do want powdered milk why not use some of the old 35mm film cassettes, I used them for quite a few things I needed keeping dry.
  7. Grumblegrunt

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  8. You ******* spotter.

    I tried to think of a very very responsible reply, but couldn't be arrsed. I'm actually shaking my lime jelly head in disgust at your wanky question.

    ******* powdered milk? Get a telly and a life.

    You are going to shit yourself if you ever deploy with your TA gang if OMG there's no milk. Or tea. Or Sugar. The very horror.

    "What do we do then kids?".

    "**** it, we'll just drink this lovely warm water out of the river - it'll be reet".

    You have a lot of growing up to do.

    I'm going to be banned again aren't I?
  9. You deserve to be - for heresy.

    EX_STAB: I appreciate your dilemma. My brew bag generally contains two 1 litre flasks of hot water, several packets of Nescafe 3-in-1, a Tupperware container of sugar, Tupperware container of Typhoo instant, Tupperware container of Coffee Mate. (And a travel kettle).

    Occaisionally, the Typhoo gets ditched in favour of PG Tips instant and tubes of Carnation Condensed (used to be Fussells).

    It's hard to get a decent cup of tea anywhere other than in your own kitchen. Simple, yet critical, ingredients. Tea bags only work if you freshly boil the water and have fresh milk. You have to accept a compromise. Typhoo instant has to be the way forward, but you need to invest a lot of patience to get the strength just right. I use PG Tips instant at home, but it doesn't work outside the kitchen.
  10. Heheheheeeee.

    You made a spellung booboo.
  11. Instant tea is not tea, just a poor imitation.
    Tea in most supermarkets is usually dreadful. When I need to buy more tea I drive an extra 5 miles to a market with PG tips which is fairly decent. Twinings English Breakfast or Bewley's tea are quite decent teas when i have a pot handy for loose tea.
    Tea in most US restaurants is gawdawful.
    In fairness to the US our coffee tends to be better than UK, although UK coffee has come a long way in the past 40+ years.

    And none of those instant creamer packets are any good in tea IMHO.
  12. Stand by for some Yorkshire Tea in the post. Trust me, you will never go back.
  13. Coffee, I have no idea why people drink that nastiness.
  14. Pip and tea.jpg

    Even the stinker likes it, but only in that mug.
  15. ffs why haven't I got a mug like that? (and I am not talking about the mutts face!)