pow-stalag xib-357-memorial

this sunday 15th,, april,a service will be held at the stalag xib-357.memorial gates,in fallingbostel.guests are requested to be seated by 0945,,service will comence at 1000.hrs...all are welcome.
its only a short moving service,, with a memorial plaque being unveiled..this years ,,is for the american,pows..theres not many of the old
stalag guys left .
the fallingbostel military museum is open all weekend..fri,sat, sun,,,0900-1600 hrs...
no,,,still recovering from heart attack no 3,,,,so you wont look out of place with just 2 medals,,,,
and you will be ok with your grey hair,,,just like the vets,,,,only not as fit,,,,,
just a few words of thanks to all who took part and helped over the weekend,,esp to rsm,,2bn.. co..and all guests who had travelled over from uk and usa. thanks hope to see you all again next year.
thanks also to the guys of the fatigue parties who ..put up tents ,weeded,and layed chairs out,,,, cheers guys...
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