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Hi troops. I have copies of two letters sent to MI9 DURING WW2 . they HAVE A CODE IN THEM. I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE MORE OR LESS SAYING BUT DO NOT HAVE THE CODE TO GET THE EXACT DETAILS. CAPLOCKS !! sorry about that .

I have read Foot AND Langly's history of MI9 and the examples they give do not fit the letters that I have copies of .
Do you or any of your oppos know of any ww2 E and E codes at please ?? Sady the chap,
charlie coward, died before i could ask him about this matter.
kind regards


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Go ask on " www. World War 2 Talk" they are into all this kind of thing
many thanks jim will do that asap.

Went on the site two posts but had no replies. So I am still plodding on.
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