Poverty in the United Kingdom.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by uncle_vanya, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. Yes - there is poverty in a material sense. However there is also 'Spiritual Poverty'. People being driven by greed and selfishness & self-centred from the top of the social pile to the bottom.

    At the top - greedy Bankers, CEO's, Senior Managers, Footballers, Celebrities & Others - all earning Millions of Pounds, and never satisfied with what they have - they always want MORE!

    At the bottom of the Social Pile - Not the genuine peoples, but the Dole Scroungers who have decided to live off the State as SOCIAL PARASITES always whining and bleating for MORE!

    People are NOT grateful for what they DO have -- They always want MORE. They bleat about what they DON'T have. Yes there is poverty in the UK, people living in squalid homes etc. But SLUMS are often created by those who live in them - that is a fact. Look at any run down estate and look at the rubbish, old cars, sofas, washing machines etc that have been dumped there by local residents. They do that, not the local Council!!

    People mix up their WANTS with their NEEDS. These are two different things!!
  2. So, what was the point of your post?

    Can we sort this? Yes, but it won't be easy. These problems have been bred into the population over generations.
  3. And still they vote Labour.
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  4. How can you sort it? How will you stop people buying a nice car, a nice house, nice clothes or nice things they don't essentially need? It's usually the great unwashed that whinge about shit like this. We could stop it by killing poor people as those relatively well off don't whinge about being well off.
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  5. I don't really care about bankers etc making money but to stop the scroungers all you'd need to do is make sure that signing on/claiming endless benefits isn't a viable alternative to work. Of course any government that did this would lose the next election.
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  6. It's Sunday, makes him feel better..:)
  7. National Service would be a good start IMHO.
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  8. That's why the country is in rag order. Governments will only put into place short term remedies as anything long term may bear fruit for another party ten or twenty years down the line. I would only give benefits to those who are prepared to work for them, whether it's picking up rubbish in parks/streets, helping the elderly or whatever. If I had my way I'd just shoot most of the lazy *****.
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  9. Why? What would that solve?
  10. I'm inclined to agree with that point of view...

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  11. HOW DARE YOU-we do not want riff-raff in the Army-only the best.
  12. Since when? Scum of the earth according to DofW ;-)
  13. **** me....and I thought I was bitter !!!
  14. yep, they really must have pissed off the Duke! (Smiley added for emphasis above)
  15. Simple: it needn't be armed service. Let them chose the kind of service they want to do, civil, in your professional field, looking after elderly folks, driving the handicapped, job training, sweeping streets, etc etc.

    Switzerland and France have such a model and IMO it helps to give people a sense of belonging and community. One of the big problems in large dwellings is anonymity. Society as a whole can no longer function as a safety net and people fall through and stay there. Agree with what Fallschirm said, tie benefits to some kind of public service duty. It is probably expensive and difficult to get off the ground, but once it works it can give people a perspective and a purpose.
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