Poverty in the ranks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ex_Duke, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. Sky News.

    UK News
    Living on 'a pittance' The Cost Of State Pension
    Updated: 08:31, Saturday March 25, 2006

    People living on the state pension have less to spend on their weekly food shop than the average Briton spends eating out, it has been claimed.

    Pensioners living in the 1.2 million households that rely on the state pension for their main source of income spend an average of just £20.73 a week on food and non-alcoholic drinks - less than £90 a month.

    The figure is nearly 25% less than the £27.41 the average person spends in bars and restaurants each week, according to Virgin Money.

    It points out that pensioners on a budget of just over £20 a week are limited in the foods they can afford to buy.

    They are reliant on supermarket own-brand products and cut-price ranges, as well as canned fruit and meat.

    Retired people are also having to cut back in other areas of their life.

    The average single pensioner who depends mainly on the state pension has just £3.30 a week to spend on alcohol and tobacco and £6 on clothes and shoes.

    They also have £5.90 to spend in restaurants and hotels, and £16.80 to spend on leisure activities.

    Jason Wyer-Smith, of Virgin Money, said: "Over a fifth of pensioner households in Britain are living on a pittance, barely managing to afford life's essentials like food and drink.

    Explain to me once again.....What was WW2 about???
  2. Never mind WW2. What happened to the white hot cutting edge of technology we were promised would dramatically improve ALL peoples' lives? The vast expansion in IT Capability that would lead to cancer cures, safe environment "A chicken in every pot"? Is Grand Theft Auto as good as it gets?
  3. It was about stopping Mr Hitler and Mr Yakimotohirohito making such bl00dy nusiances about themselves. It was about carving up world into power blocks. It was about sacrifice of British Tommy and Chinese Charlies and Scary Ivans and GI Joes. It was about people realising they should get on with things instead of moaning about own problems. Which is what rest of your post does.

    Not many people in USA/Russia/China/rest of world have pensions, and they don't moan about it.
  4. What about those rich pensioners? I take serious offence to this idea that all old people are poor. Go out on the roads on a Sunday and count the number of old people doddering along at 20mph below the speed limit in korean/german cars.
    There is poverty at every level of society. The eldest and youngest are the most vulnerable. Instead of giving them all £200 council tax breaks (done last year) or £300 fuel credits this should be more targetted. If those that can afford it and don't need it didn't get those credits those in dire need could be given more.
    World War II was not about suddenly people getting power. Not every old person fought for their country. An upshoot of the second world war was that it destroyed many social factors in place before the war, having fought and died for the country a vast majority of people demanded a better quality of life. 1947 Welfare state etc. I take nothing away from those who fought for our country, those who died for their country. But they were NOT fighting for the right to a nice bungalow somewhere with enough money for tesco's finest and a car on the drive. True poverty should be dealt with. Those who are old but not poor do not deserve the same treatment.

    I sound like a bad man...
  5. You're kidding, right?

    The American Association of Retired People is probably the best organised lobbying group in the US (with the possible exception of the NRA). What happened to Bush's attempt to privatize Social Security last year? What happened when the old codgers realised they had their pants pulled down over the prescription benefit plan, where they found out that it's a big hand out to pharmaceutical companies?

    As for the Russian and Chinese. They just starve or freeze to death. I would remind you of the rioting and civil unrest in many parts of rural China too.
  6. I saw a report on T.V yesterday that basically said 'Russia has the worst mortality rate in a developed nation'
    Average life expectancy in ,what was, the USSR is 57 years old for a man, roughly the same as Bangledesh and most 3rd world African nations.
    Of course they don't need pension provision,

    State pensions should be means tested , a fair few pensioners in this country do not need what the state gives out, however they all have the opinion that 'WE PAID IN WE ARE ENTITLED'
    Valid point for them.However, no-one seems to believe in the common good.
    Same goes for the NHS, Mrs 78 year old needs a new hip and NHS duly gives her a new hip and the trauma and MRSA kills her whilst recovering, Nice use of NHS cash .
    Good to see lots of the down the BINGO hall of anafternoon and evening isn't it?

    This problem will never be solved whilst the whole country has it's grasping hands out demanding more all the time.

    Might be time for Broon to start taxing all that Scotch Whisky he forgot about in his budget.
  7. They only got what they have because at the end of the war the government shat it off the idea of sending several million trained and armed troops back to shit jobs and slums. Those guys could have got a little "political" about these issues. Look at the Freicorps etc in post WW1 Germany.
  8. I was demobed in 1995 after 22 years service. One of the silliest things I have ever did, was to get a military pension. I live in a semi-detached. The people in the semi Im attached to has never done a stroke in the last 11 years. The system pays for all their needs, medical, dental, school dinners, optical, new car and so on.

    There was high unemployment here in 1995. I was out of work for 6 months, I was almost forced to seperate from my family so that the system would kick in and help. At that time, my pension was about £3.5k per year, which took me just over the poverty line, but far enough over it to just get £9.00 Job Seekers for a fortnight.

    Mean while, next door gets there new mobility car enery 3 years.

    The pension is great if your working, but a noose on the neck if your not!!!!