poverty in britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Danny_Dravot, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4081596.stm

    intersting parody...can you be a home owner and impoverished?

    personally, i don't think there is any real poverty in uk.

    sure, homelessness aside, there are deprived areas and really skint people trying to make ends meet....but true poverty ie. no access to drinking water, medical care, education etc..doesn't exist on our fine shores

    the problem with the "poverty-line" is that its a shifting continium...eg if everybody lived in a 6 bed mansion with 4 cars, 3 foreign holidays a yr etc...if you lived in a typical semi with one 2 cars and one holiday you'd officially be in povery!!!
  2. The way that they have defined poverty is ridiculous. How can you "eliminate" poverty when you define it as 50% of average income? There will always be plenty of people earning less than 50% of average income, since the average will always be moving.
  3. I have seen plenty of 'impoverished' or people from 'disadvantaged backgrounds' sporting the latest in designer gear, smoking B&H, dripping in 9ct Gold and yacking away on the latest 'must have' mobile phone.

    I don't believe anyone is impoverished in this country - there's no reason to be. It might mean that you have to do without Sky TV, a new pair of Nikes, or an IPod, but when I was little, things like luxeries were sacrificed so that you could have proper food on the table.
  4. Perhaps in the same way that you can "eliminate inequality" in education by making it all sh1t instead? (e.g. abolishing grammar schools).

    Increasing tax burden at one end and hefty tax credits at the other... surely this can't be what Gordon had in mind?
  5. Having eaten a three course lunch, gently nursing a glass of fine claret whilst sitting next to the log fire and contemplating about which continent I will visit for my next holiday, the last thing I really want to be hearing about is the 'poor'.

    Does anyone really care?

    I am sure that if I wasted so much money on designer shite, then I would probably be skint.
  6. HaHa love the arrogance^^

    In the apparent new rules for who is in poverty and who isnt...wouldnt half the british army be in poverty?
    Yes most of the money is wasted and pissed up a wall, but that doesnt seem to matter by the new defintion of poverty,
    the majority dont own there own houses or have any savings and are very skin by the end of the month.
    I can see the head lines now "BRITISH ARMY LIVE IN POVERTY"
    strike anyone? 30k start is apparently fare!
  7. 4/10 for spelling and grammar. See teacher at the end of school.
  8. I live in a nice cul-de-sac in the Shires, I have a spanking VW R32, my missus has a new 4x4 with personalised plates (teenie chrimbo prezzie), I had 4 holidays in 2005 and now trying to think up ideas for 2006, my daughter is in a private CofE school, I like Chateu-Neuf-Du-Pape and St.Emillion wines...............not long after I left the army (1991), I was squatting in an old house in Bristol having to hide my matches, I thumbed and walked everywhere, I nicked Mars bars to eat and generally thought life was at the end of a length of rope over the Clifton Suspension Bridge.............moral to the story..........get off your little begging patch outside the tube station and do something useful, or buy a lottery ticket, just like I did !!
  9. yep its as simple as that....

    except for maybe erm drug addiction, mental illness, desperation,....

    but well-done you...you are clearly CONSIDERABLY richer than me...
  10. Sorry but the jury is still out whether I'm poor or not. Living in Holland I still receive Incapacity Benefit and yesterday received the dreaded brown envelope. I was informed that my benefit has changed and my benefit has increased. I read the letter three times looking for information but as I was munching a packet of crisps at the time, decided to read the crisp packet instead as this was more informative and certainly more interesting.

    My new increased different benefit is actually the same but I now have an age addition. It's great being an old bastrad and now I'm apparently being paid for it as well but had I not been old I would have actually had a cut in benefit. There were two accompanying leaflets, one for general information and one explaining the new payments. The general leaflet tells you to read the new payments leaflet and if you're still not sure then to try the web site. The web site is full of information as long as you don't want to know how much you will receive but they kindly recommend you read the general information leaflet.

    The figure I was quoted as my basic payment does not correspond to any mentioned on the web site or in the leaflet so do I tell them and then find out they're paying me too much or keep quiet denying myself all those extra zillions as they are paying me too little. Also great emphasis has been made on the fact that if I go into a nursing home then I must tell them. You can die or have five wives or co-habit with a transexual lumberjack but that apparently doesn't matter. It's the nursing home that's the important factor and we all know why. The DWP can fcuk off, I'll stick with my benefit but I'm fcuked if I'm selling my house so some youth opportunity scheme care worker can wipe up my dribble in a nursing home.

    I still don't know if I'm on long term benefit or short term benefit as the letter doesn't mention this even though I've been ill since 1996 and classified disabled since 2000. Even with the remnants of a handful of braincells, I could make no sense of my new rate of benefit and that's 50% of my income. Still I probably won't be confused for long as they'll no doubt cut it soon, the batrads have done it before. I know they don't want anybody getting the benefits they are entitled to, savings to be made there but you sometimes get pished off with fighting the basterards.

    Right I'm off for my bread and dripping and a mug of cold tea in front of the fireplace with a picture of roaring logs. No Sky, no mobile with the processing power of IBM, no bluetooth except when I suck a biro, no blackberry, fcuk I think I AM poor.
  11. Are you really rich or not?

    Find out by entering your REAL yearly income into this handy little progamme and you can find out how many of the proles are poorer than you and how many stuckup thieving stards have managed to blag even more than you did.


    Why am I alway fcuking broke then?? :(
  12. 0.647% but that doesn't include LOA!

    moral of the story, work hard at school, join army, work hard, get commissionned and you too can be rich!!! although sadly, not as rich as the dragoon!
  13. Gentlemen,

    Talking about personal wealth is incredibly vulgar.

    Let the gutter snipes continue bleating about how much they haven't got. Maybe spending too much time in the pool hall and amusement arcades instead of going to school doesn't seem so clever now.
  14. sorting out child poverty should'nt exactly be rocket science decent school food bring back cooking lessons so the sons and daughters of chavs have a clue about nutrition :( plus show them what really goes into proccesed food ( sorry can't do that might upset the food manufacturers :( .
    encourage sport actually taking part weather competive or not having most kids actually get up a sweat couple of times a week rather than having a great school footy team would be a start.
    then get surestart to get its finger out setting up fee based day nurserys in poor neighbourhoods then wonder why nobody uses them.
    hello single parents interested in a bit of part time work or retraining etc etc can't afford an all day nursery :(
    Job centre plus and working links new deal are mostly crap either push people into any old crap or ignore them never actually listen to the unemployed. want to get training for a viable skill if your poor forget it more chance if your in prison :roll: :(
    working now probably earned working links £5grand cause I got a job no thanks to them but I''ll get £500 out of them after 10 weeks :evil: .
    if they'd even been a little bit use might have been working before christmas never once checked I'd actually applied for a job never answered a single question I asked or even came up with any useful suggestions :roll:
  15. what is this nonesense about....