Poverty Gap is widest since WW2

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. These cnuts just don't get it, the more that you give to someone, the more that they will then expect. Then when they get given more, in future they will want to have to do even less, in order to get it. Thus, the gap widens.

  2. ffs
    its not about fecking handouts :x
    Its getting people off benefit and into work. Work that pays enough to cover housing costs etc.
    You don't want a violent underclass make work and eduction policies work.
    read the report social mobility is at an all time low that means the idea of a meritocracy is big heap of steaming lies. :x
  3. Intelligent but poor children are, under Liarbours "University for all" regime, actually less likely to go to Uni as there is less financial support available to them to do so. Ok so fewer kids overall went to Uni before but the ones who came from poorer families got the financial support they needed so they wouldnt end up with a useless piece of paper and a massive pile of debt.

    This is just one example of socialist meddling having exactly the reverse effect as intended. Financial, if not social, mobility is far more likely under the model established by the Consevatives just before Liarbour came and effed up the country with their enforced mediochrity.
  4. It is disgraceful that, after the longest period of socialist government for 100 years, half of our fellow citizens still have to manage on less than average income.

  5. :rofl:

    Nice one. The thing is that I think some of them honestly think that should be the case.
  6. So let us go back to when Gordon was in his first years as Chancellor nearly 13 years ago when he raided the Private Pension schemes . This started the crash in their performance so that people who have been paying in since this lot came to power are going to get scant little when they retire . Not so for Public Sector employees .
    The whole way we have the State Pension , Care for the Aged , Benefits system set up it does not pay to try and better yourself . It is the classic situation of those who are always in the middle will be penalised in every direction to support the under class who have no intention of attempting to improve their lot . This underclass now in its second or third generation are well versed in the milking of the Benefit system to the maximum .
    This society we live in now has been equalised down over and this Government must carry a lot of the blame .
    Their policy of virtual open doors for immigration has meant that an even bigger burden is being suffered by Tax Paying part of society .
    The aim by this Labour Government to essentially force more young people to University is creating a generation starting out on their working life with ~£20k of debt and scant chance of being able to purchase a house to live in . I believe that young people are being sold a false dream . University education has now become big business
    I sympathise with young people of today I believe that their ability to aspire to greater things in life compared to what they started out with is poor . I am however convinced that the last 13 years have done the most to create this situation .

    All the above is probably disjointed , some off point and a bit nonsensical but I feel better for hitting the keyboard .
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Still the 'trap' problem where at the bottom of the pile it doesn't pay to get a job if it means fares, paying tax, and losing all the addons that go with being on benefit.
  8. Quite interested to see that one of the measures of inequality is the gap is net worth, leading to headline screaming "richest 10% are now 100 times better off than the poorest!"

    Ah yes, that sounds unequal. But how do you measure that? Easy.

    You add up all savings and investments, take off debt then add in just about every bit of sh1t you own plus the value of your house and your pension pot

    By that measure a career Police Inspector at normal retirement point is claimed to be "worth" £1,365,273. Got the general picture?

    I smell a Harperson sized rat.

  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    No, actually, lets go back to the point of the survey? The end of WW2?

    Where we had poor people living in damp, rat infested slums with outside toilets, no central heating and no plasma screen TV's. When we had kids with Ricketts and proper malnutrition. Back before Matalan and Primark gave the poor decent shell suits in which to try and rob us?

    To say the gap between rich and poor is greater now, compared to then, is laughable.

    As is Harriet Harperson, the author of this shabby 'survey' which has just blown up in her self-satisfied fat rich face.

    Case for the defence rests M'Lud.
  10. What a load of shite.

    Poor students have less opportunity to go to uni than when they had to pay the full costs themselves if they didn't wangle a scholarship? Get hired.
  11. Easily sorted by stopping benefits payments.
  12. Without a squaring of the circle to make sure a job pays the bills, that's just a recipe for a crime-wave. Crack down on the crime wave? Get riots. Crack down on the riots? Get a revolution.
  13. The problem is with the way "poverty" is measured. When the lowest x% method is used, it is possible for everyone in society to get better living conditions while the measurement says poverty is increasing. The reverse is also true, the measurement can declare that poverty is reduced while everyone is worse off.

    Madness, but hey-ho.
  14. Can't remember who said it but "If you pay people to be poor all you will get is more poor people"
  15. If people can't pay their bills, bills will drop to a level where they can. It's day one economics. Admittedly, however, getting people working is nowhere near as simple as stopping welfare payments cold turkey.

    That said, wouldn't it be brilliant to see this country unite together and fight for something?