Pound falls against dollar and euro on recession risk

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. Having only just gained by over one cent against the Euro, mainly on the back of the better than expected employment figures, it seems that the Governments Propaganda machine was shifted into gear so as to discredit the economy, yet again.

    For all the bullshittt about a lower pound increasing exports, we have yet to see any evidence to prove that it is working. IIRC the only figure that I have seen banded about was a marginal increase of 1% which doesn't really warrant the £200-billion that has been pumped into the economy.

    Tourist arrivals for the year ending 2009 were also down 6% on the previous year, which means that the prediction of an influx of Europeans rushing to our shores so as to take advantage of the weak pound was also bit of a mirage. Just as the prediction of the 'BBQ summer', a prospect that was also issued by that other governmental propaganda department that goes by the name of 'The Met Office', was also a dead end.

    My point being, why can't these incompetent cnuts just keep their fcuking useless jobs shut and allow the economy to grow naturally. I mean, they can't control the movement of free and democratic cash the same as they try their hardest to control all of us that like to spend it. Socialism is a project that failed in the 1970's and for further proof of that you only need to look to the failed Banana republic, flip-flop wearing Med States that are all on bended knee with their begging bowls.

    Pound falls against dollar and euro on 'recession risk'

    The pound has fallen sharply against the dollar and the euro after a Bank of England policymaker said the UK could yet fall back into recession.

    The pound fell 2.4 cents, or 1.5%, against the dollar, to $1.503. Against the euro, it fell 1 cent, or 0.9%, to 1.100 euros.

    The Bank's Monetary Policy Committee member Andrew Sentance said there was a chance of a double-dip recession.

    The pound has been falling recently in the run-up to the general election.

    "You have to recognise there is some risk of a double dip, but that's not the central forecast," Mr Sentance said.

    The UK exited recession during the last three months of last year, but growth remains weak.

    There are also concerns about the high level of UK public debt, although figures released on Thursday suggest borrowing this financial year will come in under the government's forecast. BBC propaganda machine
  2. Sterling has been up and down for a while,now.It is off it's lows by some way($1.37 and 1.02 Euro).

    There again,with revised growth for Britain in the last quarter of 0.3%,could this figure be "spun" or"massaged" for electorial purposes,and the true figure be reflected in statistics released after the upcoming election is out of the way?.In simple language,the books are being cooked?.
  3. If Neues Arbiets get re-elected, UK PLC will economically implode and God help us all.
  4. Increasing Exports? Y'mean some buffoon is buying elf n safety videos??
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    More importantly, I am only getting 47.5 Thai Baht to the pound, when a year ago I was getting 52. And a year before that others were getting 70+. All sad measures of how ridiculed and worthless our currency has become under the false communists.
  6. Don't worry, pound has been over sold, there will be a bounce, a very big bounce if the communists are thrown out.
  7. Interesting indeed! So who are these *cough* "Communists" who should be thrown out, then? Do you mean, for example, "Comrade" Broon, who recently effectively torpedoed an EU attempt at imposing realistic restraints on the financial markets to try and avoid a repeat of the catastrophe caused by his sycophantic and entirely self-serving embrace of the "market principles" ensuring ever more profits for his upper-class fans, but meaning total disaster for normal folks?

  8. "it seems that the Governments Propaganda machine was shifted into gear so as to discredit the economy, yet again."

    'Don't worry, pound has been over sold, there will be a bounce, a very big bounce if the communists are thrown out.'

    Basically agree with both statements.
    Although I have said before it's almost impossible to predict exchange rates, just too many variables.
    Pound was 73 to the Thai baht for about three years then started it's steady decline which went silly in 08, dropping at one time below it's present low.
    Been very painful for Brits out here paid in pounds.
    I understand that each UK pensioner saves the UK gov an extra 7K per year by being abroad.
    Japan virtually 'exports' it's pensioners to this part of the world.
    Not yet an old age pensioner.
  9. Oh well, no where near as the poor Thai's.......but hey, who gives a damn?
  10. As I suspect you don't.
    Please don't come on the board and make your usual Arrsehole of your self trying to speak on a subject you have nothing but Socialist Dogma for.
    The vast majority of expats live here because of the Attitude of the The Thai folk.
    It's good and positive, young people do show respect for elder folk and children are brought up right, not like we see in Blur/Browns Britian, the ideal of your youth, who ever he may be.
    I think you know what I mean.
  11. I know full well what goes on in Thailand, don't worry about that. That's exactly how I formulated this opinion. You yourself must admit that the general Thai is not even close to what would constitute poverty in the UK?

    Thailand is a great place for people to run away to, I know far too many, on top of that I meet far too many every time I go to visit.

    Thai people, great. Ferang, not so great. Funnily enough, I met two ex forces this time that couldn't tell me anything, oh and some Polish fella who was related to royalty at some point, you get all sorts.

    Socialist, no chance. Just travelled.
  12. No No No,
    Travelers, what the Thais call Bird Sh1t Tourists.
    Poor ah now this is a question.
    Do you mean the abject poverty of India where folks can be seen dieing on the streets. Space flights, nuclear weapons and Brit aid for a Developing Cuntry.
    There are many poor people in Thailand, some Frangs who should never have been allowed to live here.
    But Thai poverty is another game altogether.
    You never hear of folk starving, unlike UK, here if your on the borderline just go to a Temple and you can eat with the priests on their morning main meal.
    Whow you met Two ex forces and a Pole, on this you base your philosophy
    Always happy to talk about Thailand, luvvly place, good people and never ever Boring.
  13. Travelled as in not just Thailand. But in answer to your question, no. Thai people survive. But people in India survive.

    You whined that the pound had become weaker, can't afford the high life you did? Oh well, live like the Thai's in a corrugated shack then.

    You mistake me for someone that doesn't know people that have lived there and are fluent, integrated and married too Thai chicks. Oh apart from having to pop their passports on a mule every 30 days and can never own the land they sh!t on.

    Like I said, Thai people great. Ferang that live there bitching about their old country, well........

    There's Poles here who will be more British than you soon......

    Edited too add.

    Missed your bit about the priests, yeah nice one. Worse than anything, sounds good but damn they cost. Removed a termite mound recently? That'll cost you a small fortune, got to be blessed by the priests. Can't remember others at the minute, but there are plenty of these cost effective Buddhist tricks.

    Take your rose tinted goggles off for five minutes please.
  14. The Euro is due a downward adjustment this year,as the markets realise that the EU cannot/will not rescue Greece.IMHO the dollar is the only worldwide currency,and that will remain relatively strong against the pound/Euro etc.
  15. "You whined that the pound had become weaker, can't afford the high life you did? Oh well, live like the Thai's in a corrugated shack then."

    Eh bye gum, knowable aren't we. I did not Whine, I stated the facts on how the great Gorden had devalued the Pound and said that some could not afford their life out here. Not Me for I Never had a High Life ever. I have enough. That's all I need.

    Sorry wrong you don't know what your on about. Yes there are Thai slums as in any big town world wide but Thailand is a growing country with a population who in the main have the work ethic.
    I know many low paid Thai's but what never ceases to amaze me it the way they get their kids into school as soon as possible. Everything for the kid, a education. Talk to UK or western based teachers who come out here and they consistently tell the same story.
    Kids eager to learn, for they know that education is the way to a better future sound like Blurrs/Browns Britain ?
    No ! but strangely I do pity you for you believe in a false religion based on envy and hate.
    I am no Buddhist, I have seen some of what is wrong with the religion, however it does help unify the People and the Nation which is what you detest.

    Rose tinted Goggles,like that.
    Stay Polite and we can talk forever.

    The Yankee $ is just to important to be allowed to fail, the Chinese especially know that as a Good Communist should.