POTUS gets the cold shoulder.

You live in Glasgow, what do you expect?? Up here in the far north it's well worth having. Away from all you weedgie riff raff :winkrazz:
Aye because loads of hills are great, eh?

There's nothing up there apart from shite roads, country bumpkins and little villages centered around churches. Whilst it's all very quaint to the untrained eye, I know what you lot are like.

Give me junkies and pollution any day.


Maybe you were making them blow snot into their tea with your riotously coruscating lunacy.
Top notch word of the day - means sparkling I think.
It does, MiT (although I looked it up, just to be sure) Mind you, Monty 417 used 'stultifying' the other day, which I quite liked :-D
Did i miss something,when did this change from the NAAFI bar to the OU course on a Masters degree in English.To keep posting I'll need to buy dictionary & one of them there big books that don't give meanings just a load of other words!
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