POTUS gets the cold shoulder.


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It is tempting to try to answer your questions here, in this ARRSE forum.

However even little questions have big answers.

Many of posts in the last ARRSE topic I posted in got deleted by a moderator. The topic title mentioned me by name so I kind of hoped what I had to say would be "on topic" but not according to the moderator it seems, or maybe I was winning the argument or something and making the powers-that-be uncomfortable? :nod:

I suggest that you register a username in my For Freedom Forums - figh.tk if you want to discuss these matters.
Did your mother drop you on your head?
You're a cunt.


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How fucking dare you besmirch cunts like that.

If you used the fucking things once in a while you wouldn't call bellends like Dow one.
I think you'll find I'm correct. I'd love to see his show behind the police cordon and throw some morsels to keep his strength up. I'm thinking coconuts are packed with energy.

Mark The Convict

maybe I was winning the argument or something and making the powers-that-be uncomfortable?
Maybe you were making them blow snot into their tea with your riotously coruscating lunacy.
Oi! Dow.
Where did you get the Cherry Kecks? They were/are worn with pride by some soldiers of the Queen. Ebay should have vetted you. Loon.

Mark The Convict

It does, MiT (although I looked it up, just to be sure) Mind you, Monty 417 used 'stultifying' the other day, which I quite liked :-D


Might be worried that Obama will get p*ssed, put the hard word on Camilla and start a blue at the disco after the reception!

Who would your money be on, Obama or Charlie?


Dont know why Dow is dribbling on about the so called Nazi connections of the Royals, if he had been born in Germany in that era they would have killed the cunt off for being a retarded, mentally defective turd anyway! Shame time travel isnt possible and we cant send the little piece of cock cheese back there!!


Holy Shit,what rock did that climb out from under,somebody stamp on it quick.
This part of "ITS" post surely is grounds for criminal proceedings "I say bomb the royal wedding."
Good, he really has no well wishes for the British anyway by his actions. it would take away from the wedding anyway. you would be inundated with tv reporting on Chewbaccas latest dress or which DVD set of Family Matters the Mulatto Messiah would give as a gift.
Sir,that has been the funniest part of this thread so far,you are to be congratulated on the best one-word description of 'Barries' wife I have seen in print.

The only thing I find funnier,are all these 'designers' swooning over the fact that someone her size deigns to wear their 'fashions'?


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Liked the pic of Obama bowing to Akahito. Who won then?
Dow, you're an arse.

Desperate Dan

War Hero
Are you some kind of fucking spastic or just a huge cunt. You do realise you retard that this is the BRITISH ARMY RUMOR SERVICE, where both serving, and ex-servicemen blow off steam etc, where every man jack of us has sworn an oath of allegiance to HM.

I have had the pleasure or reading some truly remarkable bollocks on this site, but you , you massive anal ejection, take the fucking biscuit. Why don't you do all of us a favour, and die, but do it quietly, cos TBH you fucking bore me. TWAT :pissedoff:

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