POTUS gets the cold shoulder.

Desperate Dan

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Maybe his new best mate Sarkozy can pull some strings.......

Lets not forget he is no lover of the Brits.

So FECK him, and his missus
Pity that. He HAS been working so hard on his bow & scrape... ;-)

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So, for the future King of England's wedding the Queen has invited the leaders of the Commonwealth nations and lots of his relatives, who happen to be royalty from across Europe?


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So, for the future King of England's wedding the Queen has invited the leaders of the Commonwealth nations and lots of his relatives, who happen to be royalty from across Europe?

The job description seems to have shrunk a bit!! :(
There was no room for Barack and co, they had to leave room for the Beckhams egos
Seems HM has decided not to invite POTUS and co to the next royal pissup/wedding.

Maybe they have enough DVD box sets and were worried what gash pile of shite he would try to get rid of this time.

Royal Wedding: Queen snubs President and First Lady, but they get their own state visit to the UK instead | Mail Online

Good, he really has no well wishes for the British anyway by his actions. it would take away from the wedding anyway. you would be inundated with tv reporting on Chewbaccas latest dress or which DVD set of Family Matters the Mulatto Messiah would give as a gift.


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Obama? Pssh! He's anti-British, we don't like him!

The King of Saudi Arabia? Aaah, what a genial fellow!

Get real. Obama may have behaved like a real prick but this thread just chip-on-shoulder nonsense.


Good on President Obama for not attending this wedding.


This royal wedding will be far more "unpatriotic" than "patriotic". Royalty does the people and nations of this land a disservice.

It is harming us to insist on kingdom and monarchy rather than republics and elected presidents.

We have no president and no republican democratic constitutional freedoms. Magna Carta is of less use than toilet paper. The UK is a royalist, fascist police state wherein we have all the rights of lumps of meat.

Waving a union flag at the royal wedding, even though that is the British flag, does not make the United Kingdom, the monarchy, the royal wedding truly "British".

The UK, the monarchy, the royal wedding is anti-British, anti-English, anti-Scottish, anti-Welsh, anti-Irish.

The kingdom is the true enemy of the people. The UK is not "our" country. It is their imposed version of our country.

The people are brainwashed by events such as this royal wedding to believe that kingdom and monarchy is our country. It is not. It is a lie. You are being brainwashed.

When we are told over and over again that "the United Kingdom" is the name of our country, I say "NO!" - that's not my country. As a BBC license-fee-payer I object to this pro-royal propaganda 24/7.

I am Scottish and British, not UK-ish.

The UK state insists that we must be subjects of the crown, of the monarchy. The propaganda surrounding this royal wedding and similar appearances of the royals on TV is to brainwash us all to accept kingdom and monarchy.

I say bomb the royal wedding.

We must ask our military to stop enslaving us to this kingdom and take up arms in a fight for freedom for the people and the nations but against the UK. The military should start with arresting, exiling or assassinating the royals, preferably sooner than later.

How Queen Elizabeth got married to the Nazis. The truth about Royal weddings.


Discuss in the For Freedom Forums http://figh.tk

Post - "How Queen Elizabeth got married to the Nazis."
For Freedom Forums

Sources -
Wikipedia: Prince Christoph of Hesse
Prince Christoph of Hesse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wikipedia: Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Marriage
Elizabeth II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

American Almanac: The Nazi Roots of the House of Windsor
The Nazi Roots of the House of Windsor

Aftermath News: The Nazi relative that the Royals disowned
The Nazi relative that the Royals disowned | Aftermath News

Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | Express Yourself :: Prince Philip and the Nazis


The Royals and the Reich. The Princes von Hessen in Nazi Germany by Jonathan Petropoulos
Royals and the Reich: the princes ... - Google Books
Jonathan Petropoulos, in his book "Royals and the Reich" reviews the case that the Duke of Windsor was a traitor and an agent for Nazi Germany which was made by Martin Allen in his book "Hidden Agenda. How the Duke of Windsor Betrayed the Allies".

Author Martin Allen goes much further than this, arguing in his controversial book, Hidden Agenda, that the duke spied for Hitler, especially in the critical phase in late-1939 and early-1940 prior to the Battle of France.

According to Allen, the duke made inspection tours of the French army's front line positions, including the Maginot line, and provided reports of troop deployments not only to the British (French-British co-operation not being what it should have been), but also to the Germans.

The link between the duke and the Nazis, according to Allen, was wealthy American industrialist Charles Bedaux (sometimes spelled Bedault), who was a close friend of the Windsors. Bedaux had loaned them his home, chateau Cande in France, for their wedding in June 1937, and he was almost certainly a Nazi intelligence asset; he knew Goring personally and had many German business contacts.

Martin Allen goes so far as to argue that the Duke of Windsor provided Bedaux with the crucial information about the French deployment, that this information, when passed on, induced Hitler to take the bold move and invade France through the poorly defended Ardennes forest, and that this is the primary explanation for the stunning Nazi victory in May-June 1940.

It is a devastating indictment: the Duke of Windsor was not only a traitor but the main reason for the German victory in the West and all that came with it (occupation, the Battle of Britain, and the persecution of Jews in these regions, among other developments).


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Peter, when did you last have a paying job? I just want to know who is the laziest ******, you or Whet.
Fuckin hell, he needs to put his tin foil hat back on!

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