Potts fracture with talar shift to right ankle-Advice sought

I fell down a flight of stairs just after Christmas and fractured my fibia at the base of the bone, tearing off the ligament conecting it to the ankle, and broke it halfway up the the shin. It was screwed with two screws and I was in plaster for seven weeks. Now out of plaster and screws removed and partial weight bearing, but still a bit swollen.

I think the worst of the damage was to the tissues around the fracture, rather than the fractures themselves

I can walk (or limp) short distances without sticks presently, and I am getting stronger. I cant support all my weight on the one leg without pain, but can comfortably stand still on two. My rightleg is still swollen, and the calf muscle is smaller than the left

How long before walking unaided? How long before running (okay trotting, I'm a fat bassa)

How long before I can risk it on rough ground/training areas and assault courses for example?

Should I go to my GP and insist on physiotherapy? I'm not getting any from the Hospital Fracture Clinic, despite repeated requests. I feel that by the time I get a referral the point will be well and truly moot, so can anyone advise some excercises I can do now? Someone suggested rocking from side to side whilst standing, legs apart, like I am brushing my teeth.

Any advice gratefully received...


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