Potter gets wasted in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gundulph, May 21, 2007.

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  1. A good rumour to start for all the Potter crazed loonies out there... 8)
  2. Noooo, you've spoiled it!

  3. You rotten sod....
  4. When the last one came out, I casually mentioned to the girl in fron of me in Saisnburys who was buying the book that i was really impressed by the authors method of involving and educating kids. I especially like the way that the characters had grown up along with their readers. And Hermione's trip to the 'magical chemist' was very touching!
  5. It's a rumour FFS, maybe it will even have some gullible Journie paste it all over the Media claiming they heard about in ARRSE first so it MUST be true! :lol:
  6. Crucio Gundulph.......
    Serve you right.
  7. Yea right, You will be saying Santa doesn't exist next!!

  8. Well, he's 17 now; about time he had a drink.
  9. is that 'wasted' as in killed by a yank gang-banger, or 'wasted' as in half a bottle of cider and 4 alco-pops? The latter being,of course, good drills.....if a little late for your average 6th former!!
  10. Harry Potter, those are kids books aren't they ?
  11. Correct.... Kids and Squaddies mate... :wink:
  12. Chapter 3 "Harry woke next to the ugliest witch in Diagon Alley-'Shit-she looked OK in the Leaky Cauldron last night-still better than the troll Ron pulled', smirked the teenage wizard as he let out a thunderous fart and pulled the covers over the sleeping minger's head"
  13. Ive heard he finally porks that hermoine bird.
    Then the ginge Ron Weasley has a go
    then that Malfoy chappy
    Apparently there will be a spin off book called 'Hermoine Granger and the Wizards Sleeve'
  14. Thanks-unsceduled coffee/computer interface reported.
  15. :D
    Its all true I tells ya.