Potted Sports game ideas

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by remington, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. I shall try again, maybe I can find the ones with the imagination in this forum? I'm looking at organsing a potted sports day to raise a bit of cash for my local sports club, so all in a good cause. The only games I can remember involved large amounts of beer and stuff and therefore my brain is struggling to remember some of the better games. I know the game ideas are mostly from clever peoples imagination but I must have urinated my against the wall. So has anyone got some ideas for potted sports day games please?
  2. Two plastic drums, one full of bean bags or balls. Player has to pick up ball under chin without using hands. Then run/walk to other half tub and drop ball in. Has 30 secs to do as many as he can, then next player goes and so on until team has completed. Team with largest tally is winner.

    Skittle thing in a one metre radius circle. Player from team A stands in circle and prevents Team B's players from knocking down skittle. then teams swop over. most successful knock-downs, the winner!

    Rugby ball softball. Player receives pass from "pitcher" and then has to kick ball as far as possible before running to bases - just like softball. Defenders cannot kick must pass/throw/chuck ball back to "diamond".

    British bulldogs

    Bicycle polo - need five bikes, helmets, pads and walking sticks per team. five minutes each way...winner is team scoring most goals.

    Throwing the heavy object from between the legs.

    Team "egg and spoon" race - big spoon made from foil rolls and a platform then badly inflated (i.e a bit soft) rugby ball as egg. Team has to all have hand on the spoon and dash from A to B - say 25m?

    Come on lazybones, it is not rocket science! I am not APTC either...
  3. F*ck me Cuddles, you had me fooled, you big Gym Queen you.
  4. My body is a temple...it's just somebody keeps pissing in the font!
  5. Cuddles...you have a mixture of potted sports and minor team games there!
    Minor Team games is as it says small sided team games, Potted Sports is normally done in a team but one member goes at a time! Each 'sport' has a time, say 4 mins, then scores are recorded and the team moves round onto the next game.

    There are many types of some might say 'silly' games, but most can be a good laugh. It would depend how many bodies you are exercising as to how many games and how many teams to determine the time for each game.
    Location is the next consideration, how much room do you have? What kit is available, how much assistance have you got. THEN you can work out what games you can do!!!!! :thumright:
  6. What a cracking example of the accumulation of many thoughts, words and ideas which provide no response whatsoever to the original question. Tell me, were you a PTI?
  7. The old - sprint 20 meters, spin around a 1/2 ash pole 10 times (with head on top of said pole) then sprint back. Always a winner!

    Nurdles (Horse Shoes): Played with a 2 lb lumb hammer. At given distance place stake in ground with bent tin (coke/Beer) balanced on top.

    Player has 4 goes to score as many point with underhand throw:

    shaft to stake contact 1 pnt
    head to stake 2 pnts
    shaft to tin (knocking off) 3 pnts
    head to tin (knocking off) 4 points
    Miss thrown 10 knees to chest
  8. Thank you for the ideas. The plan is to have teams of 10, mixed and at least one under 12 years old, doing the round robin thing, 5 - 10 mins on each game, big score board, couple of scoops, fun for all. Facilities almost endless. The only problem was my lack of thought. Ta again