Potsdam Mission (BRIXMIS) on History Channel now

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ticklishrodent, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. as above.......................
  2. damn missed it. it's on again at 0200-0300. sky plus set. huzzah!!
  3. I must be missing something, just had a look at the planner and can't find it.
  4. Hi,
    I couldnt find it either, its on military channel 2am-3am

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  5. Ah there it is, cheers buddy.
  6. A very interesting part of the cold war it has to be said, I wasn't even aware of anything like this going on, yeh admittedly I wasn't around for half of it, but having a lot of video and documentary stuff on the cold war it wasvery interesting... You could say they were the Legal Spys.

    Cracking program
  7. Sadly misses out most of the pre-85 stuff,no digital video cameras then,just the odd BetaMax,and lots of Nikons with motordrives.

    Being made by a French company,the slant is slightly gallic,having said that,Colonel Roy Giles did 3 separate tours in the Mission,and was a Tour Officer par excellence.

    There is a better DVD,published by a German company 'uap-film.de' ,entitled,"In Geheimer Mission,Spione aus dem Westen",which gives a slightly more balanced view,even though there are a couple of plonkers on this one as well! ;-)
  8. What I forgot to put in. The film that was on the History Channel,is entitled "Keep the Cold War Cold",was produced by Artline Films in Paris: Artline Films - Productions et éditions de films documentaires

    Can be purchased from them on DVD,for a modest sum.:)

    Although the website states no english commentary,if you contact them you will find they have now,I've watched it,and I dont speak French,so.
  9. Can anyone confirm a story I was told by an ex Sgt in the Arty intel cell of 1 Div that there was a video floating around of some sort of fuelling of Hinds hoovering above the ground when the camera crew were rumbled and chased by the helo's? Apparently they had a video of it in their office. Might be bullshit but Stevie was a straight up fella
  10. Can't say I ever saw a Sov helo refuelling in the hover,to what end,the Hind can carry a lot of fuel,and with aux tanks it can carry shitloads more.

    It was thought at one time that the Hind had a problem with hovering for prolonged periods,and up until 1980 it was thought that it couldn't do a stationary hover,but on Waffenbruderschaft 80,the big WP joint Ex,piccies were obtained of it hovering long enough to fire its ATW's,which shot that theory down in flames.

    As for being chased by helos,it was an occupational hazard,but you always tried to take them to a nice straight road,so that when you were buzzed,you could get good close-up photos of the airframe,and the weapons fit,in case there was anything new,always take advantage of any situation. ;-)
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    In BMH Berlin in 1984, we would wonder who the big black SUV's belonged to. They would breeze in and breeze out! And go to the front of the queue in te Toc H!
  12. Certainly not the Mission,they didn't use big black SUV's,their vehicles tended to be slighty "used" looking.
  13. IIRC until fairly recently they had one of the Opel tour cars on display at the National Army Museum but I don't know what became of it !
  14. It now languishes in a crap position at the Cold War Museum,RAF Cosford,where a Mini seems to represent the Cold War,better than a Brixmis Tour Car,Go figure ?:-(
  15. I think they could have done so much better with the Cold War exhibition hangar at Cosford. It tries hard but lacks depth. I found it oddly devoid of atmosphere, and it failed to capture the imagination. A missed opportunity in my view. Your views Rat?