pots and kettles

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ex-dvr1, Feb 28, 2004.

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  1. ok i have held my tongue for a while Ma..but pots and kettles etc!!
    :D :D :D


    Posted: 01 Aug 2002 05:54 Post subject: Re: Where do you draw the line?


    XX, I think you take yourself a bit too seriously pet. Your pen name is very apt.....taking potshots at those less fortunate than yourself. I hope that you are not an NCO or above because if you are, your management and people skills need addressing very quickly! Or is it a case of you directing the attention away from your own misgivings and onto those weaker than you.....tantamount to bullying some may agree. Try helping the guy and stop slagging him off. If you have made the remarks to him that you feel are necessary in this forum, he may have a case to take you and your cronies to the EOIT.
  2. Having felt the sharp end of Mr Badass's so called wit, I feel the above statement is a bit hypocritical. Is it a case for do as I say, not as I do, or has Badass recently entered some mid life crisis that has turn him into a bitter, miserable old sod?
  3. All this from a 'drunk' and a 'cross dresser'? Fcuk me, what is the world coming to?

    Ex......you need another drink Son.
  4. Ex, me thinks bad is fixated with your drinking problem (if indeed you have one). He obviously cares x x
  5. You're exactly right Frank (or is it Fiona today?), I am concerned about Ex Dvr's drink problem. It would appear though that you and others are hell bent on proving that I am mocking the man. I have absolutley no idea wher you lot get off on that preseumption. Absolutley no idea whatsoever.

    Ex is in denial. Denial......the first trait of alcoholism.............a bit like some gender issues.........and you'll know what I mean by that Frank.
  6. PS.......could you be a bit more discrete and remove the VODKA comment from your posts........Ex actually does believe it. Thanks.
  7. You did ask very nicely, which I'm begining to realise is unusual for you, but I'm afraid no i wont remove the Vodka comment.

    As for mocking Mr Ex, I have seen some of your other postings and your shameless. x x
  8. Shut it Miriam.
  9. :?: Mr baddass, you appear to have a friend :lol:
  10. No Miriam you are mistaken, I hate everyone. Especially crossdressing transexuals!
  11. I have many freinds. None, apart from the wimmin, wear frocks and all can handle their drink.

    Why don't you introduce Ex Dvr to your X dressing chums. Might just kep him off the bottle for a while. Mind you he'd probably get all dressed up head off down town, get pissed, do an Angie Watts and get shagged by some pissed up Tom on leave. Bit like what you have been tryin' to do for ages down the 'Shot.
  12. You appear to know me quite well. I do indeed where frocks, but that would be because that is what HMForces has issued me to where.

    I never said I could handle my drink though, there are many people I know that would be happy to argue that fact with you (sadly non can be arrsed to join this site).

    And as for the 'shot' I have been there a few times, but sadly will be finding myself posted there later this year (through no fault of my own) and as far as I can remember, I've never been laid there.
  13. Was it Aldershot or Catterick that had the film crew about for a few months filming "Army Town" or some other arrse documentary.

    Last experience I had of "The 'Shot" was a dreadful kebab that killed my guts for two bloody days....
  14. I think it was Colchester. Full of fat ron hill wearing types.