Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Dinga, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Hello guys
    Just finished the joke of a tour that is Telic13 and i have done Kosovo and Telic 6 and 8 and after each tour normally we get back do nothing and then go on POTL straight after the two weeks Decompression well after Telic 13 we have 4 weeks back in Germany ????? is it me or is there sumit amiss? is that right? I got back on the Sunday and then went to normal work the Tuesday??? im not being funny but that seems s*** to me is this aloud i thought 2 weeks decomp after a tour and get the leave out the way before you prep for a busy year???
  2. Yep, definitely out of order. Show your true feeling to your CO by topping yourself in front of him.
  3. Why not use the time to do your CLM and learn to type in english :? :wink:
  4. Laugh out loud Oh sorry is that any better? I did not think i needed a English degree to type up on this forum. Get back to your HLS you chopper
  5. Haha Never I will just spend my time hiding away until leave, but surely it cant be right thought it was two weeks?
  6. We basically had the same after Herrick 8. The powers that be aren't doing it to fcuk you about. There'll be a good reason behind it.
  7. If you think the tour was a joke then you won't need POTL.
  8. Obviously you need the decompression if you are that highly strung :roll:
  9. Think yourself lucky, I recall returning from 6 months in Bosnia in 2002 only to be told all POTL was cancelled (later delayed to be taken at a suitable time!) and were deployed away to cover for the Firemans strike (returned Friday, deployed to Midlands on Saturday).
  10. check the rules out baw bag, you have x number of days from returning from a tour to go on POTL. your regiment is well within its rights.
  11. count yourself lucky mate,got off the plane from south armagh in 90 and straight on the plane to granby,life,s a bitch! :wink:
  12. CO's discretion to give POTL any time within six months of returning from tour - man up
  13. POTL can be taken up to 3 months after the tour