POTL and leave - advice please

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by JOJOCE, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. thanks for the info


    3.001 Post Operational Leave (POL) was introduced in recognition of the
    stresses and strains that Operational Deployments bring to Service personnel,
    their families and friends. It is awarded solely as a result of time spent on
    qualifying Operations or deployments and does not apply to exercises and
    maritime deployments. In cases of doubt as to whether a particular assignment
    gives entitlement to POL, advice is to be sought through the single Service Front
    Line Commands (or PJHQ).


    3.002 POL is granted to Service personnel following periods away on
    qualifying Operations or deployments and who are not entitled to Seagoers’


    3.003 The allowance, additional to the Annual Leave Allowance, is one
    working day of POL for every 9 calendar days deployed. There is no qualifying
    period before POL can be received and entitlement will commence on the day
    that Service personnel leave their permanent duty station. The POL Allowance
    already takes into consideration Public Holidays that may have been missed
    when on deployed operations. Missed Public Holidays are not to be awarded in
    addition to the POL allowance.


    3.004 POL should commence as soon as possible and ideally within one
    month, after a Service person’s return from qualifying Operations or
    deployments. POL is to be taken whilst on the strength of the unit with which the
    Service person was deployed. Where an individual is due to be re-appointed,
    posted or drafted on return, or shortly after return, to the UK, POL is to be taken
    before taking up the new assignment.

    3.005 There will, however, be circumstances where POL may need to be
    postponed, for instance when the career interests of a Service person require
    them to attend a course. Such postponements must be exceptional. POL may
    also need to be postponed at times for Operational reasons, there can be no
    negotiation and operational commitments must take primacy. The overriding
    principle to be applied, however, should be one of fairness and POL is not to be
    sacrificed for management reasons. In either of these circumstances, budget
    managers are to apportion the cost of POL to the qualifying Operation or
    deployment on which it was earned.


    3.006 When a Service person is assigned to a qualifying Operation or
    deployment that will give an entitlement to POL, the JPA system will add 1
    working day’s entitlement for every 9 calendar days served on that assignment.

    Hope this will help