POTL 6 weeks. Too long, Too short?

Im just about to finish six weeks POTL.

The problem is that I have turned into a civvy. I just dont want to go back to work. I have lead a full and busy leave and not thought about green kit for any of it.

Does this mean I am now a liability to the unit? If I feel this way about going back to work how many more are feeling the same way?

So should POTL be shortened so that we dont all turn into civvies after 6 weeks? Or should it be broken up into extra leave periods for the year after returning from tour?

Anyone else turned into a civvy?


it's fine as it is. i once had five weeks post tour. turned into civvy, grew my hair. welcome break and went back refreshed.

how many other occasions would you be able to stick in a bit of ALA as well and go travelling? had trouble getting 3 weeks off to go travelling in australia once. but when you come back off ops... 4 weeks compulsory plus encouraged to stick ALA on too, to avoid carrying over at the end of the leave year.

so in short - leave it as it is! just cos you've gone native, don't punish everyone else. :) besides, you'll be fine as soon as you get back in green...



Thats a bit jack, isn't it? You take a full six weeks and then suggest others shouldn't get it as you are concerned about your own effectiveness when you get back into green.

If you have a problem with self-discipline, take less leave yourself. Don't queer the pitch for others who have earned their POTL and can be effective when they go back.

Does this mean I am now a liability to the unit?

You tell us?
You been earning a bit extra agency driving JBB and going back to work will get in the way?


War Hero
I was on tour (just the once mind) and as it ended in Nov I anticipated a large chunk of leave with which to go on a protracted holiday (I refuse to use the word “travelling” as you will agree if you’ve ever sat on a bus for 10 hours next to some 19 year old Australian cnut who knows everything). I bought a few lonely planet books and started to plan my trip only to be told that my leave would be broken up by the strict celebration of the gayest week in the Regt’l calendar. A week for all the boring pads, led chiefly by the CO, to have their yearly ration of sanctioned wackiness, away from the Alice Banders, by way of turkey trot related fun and other such pointless chuff. Whilst a cheeky skiing holiday managed to salvage the situation, I know I was not alone, having been approached by a few (single) Section Comds types who wanted to do something more substantial with their time off but who could not due to the strict three line return to camp.

I’m with Mr Logic on this and think organisation of free time, including staying disciplined, is a personal responsibility (like finances). Troops returning from tour have either an abundance of time and cash or the need to spend QT with loved ones. I know that many of the Toms get bored with long stretches of leave but these are the ones who stay in the block at the weekend and for whom the furthest they have ever ventured from camp is the Banana bar in Bielefeld - so fcuk ‘em!
I needed the 6 weeks to catch up on all that had been left undone during the 9 months plus of tour and training (and it wasn't enough). I know that a lot of the lads had run out of money by the end and were doing various odd jobs, but that's life. A couple of soldiers never mentally returned to work, and signed off within weeks of returning. But that, too, was to be expected.

Leave it as is, IMHO.



Leave it alone.

POTL is one of the things we look forward to during a tour. I've had no problems returning to work after having been at home with Mrs Bickle and the jam eaters for a month and a half. Gives me a chance to get things done to our house that haven't been done while I've been away and also take a couple of weeks holiday together.

I get the impression that you're doing what some lads do at the end of a course when they fill in their INVAL sheet, the difference is that rather than asking for more PT and evening work you're saying that perhaps leave should be cut now you've had your share.
Im not saying the length of POTL should be cut may be just the extra weeks granted on top of annual leave to be taken throught the following year as the soldier see's fit .

I wish I could have done some Agency Work to fund my way of life. Lets just say ive been 'living The Life'


With the increase in operational tempo, I find it hard to beleive that many soldiers can achieve their POTL and ALA in a twelve month period. How can we manage soldiers to take their full allocations as directed, when we then get told that adventure training, OC 1/4ly inspections, families open days will be three line whip. Sure their families see the importance of that..........at the expense of their time with loved ones.

Obviously all of the above also tack onto duties, repeated deployments, pre-deployment training, MATTS, WHIPS, Career Courses and military training.

Give them all 6 weeks, you'll just lose the unused ALA at the end of the year! :frustrated:
Pigsick said:
you'll just lose the unused ALA at the end of the year! :frustrated:

Not with JPA, apparently it automatically carries over all leave remaining. After 18 years you could take the last 4 off..... :thumright:


I vote to leave it as it is, after all its one of the few luxuries that we have over our civilian counterparts. If as an individual you are not strong enough to deal with the change of lifestyle, then maybe the Army is not the right place for you. Its the variety of life that keeps me in the Army and after 26 years it must be to my liking!
Ditto...I loved every minute of the 6 weeks off. Agree with JBB though...I didn't want to come back to work...enjoyed it too much, as did everyone else I've spoken to on our return.


I do not think that you should be complaining. :roll: There are a lot of individuals who have not taken their full entitlement of POTL. Due to the operational tempo with some trades it is impossible to use up your POTL and in alot of cases annual leave, resulting in losing an awful lot of leave owed to you.
jam eaters for a month and a half

Great saying mate never heard that before,made me smile!

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