Potentially our new Minister of the Interior: Charles Clarke

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Dec 15, 2004.

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  1. Total cnut

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  2. Better than Blind Pugh, but still a cnut

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  3. Not so bad, really

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  4. Wow! He's great!

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  5. I have no idea who you're talking about

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  1. Right, people.

    The BBC has it that Charles Clarke (current Education Sec) is likely to succeed Blind Pugh in the post of Minister of the Interior (aka Home Secretary). He's been a minister in the Home Office before, and I had some contact with him by letter via my MP during this time, and he came over as a total, not-answering-the-damn-question type twot.

    A brief résumé of what he's done recently (i.e. in the last month or so):

    Criticism of the Prince of Wales's comments by taking them out of context & causing a big sh1t storm, trying to rubbish the Prince.
    20% of all 11 year olds no longer meet the MINIMUM standard for literacy under his control of educashun.
    Has announced plans to put permanently excluded, feral children into well-performing schools to make it 'fairer' on the excluded children.

    Worth a read are the comments about the latter point here:

    Please post all evidence of his Neue Arbeit "right-on"-ness and authoritarianism in this thread. In case you don't know which barsteward I'm talking about, it's this one:


    Official resumé here:

  2. Oh sweet Jesus 8O
  3. Someone give me a gun, please.......
  4. He looks like Mr Rumbold off 'Are You Being Served' but with a beard.
  5. He looks like a fat , genial, jolly Grandfather.

    Then again, so did Hermann Goering.

    If he gets it, it won't last, I can hear Fleet Street grinding those knives already.
  6. At least the media does have some good uses.

    One hopes this is the start of a slippery slope for Neu Arbeit.
  7. Great, that's what I like a career politician who's never done an honest day's work in his life.

    I wonder if he is free for dinner. No wait I am so over taxed I couldn't afford to feed the fat git!
  8. He was so sneaky he nearly became a spook.
  9. Shows what B. Liar and Co. think of HM Forces if they put a cnut like this in charge.
  10. ... :roll:

    Says it all really.
  11. Is this the git who said Charles' opinions on todays youth were 'out of date'? Oh god, another bliar republican........


    I'm sure he'll do a cracking job............not................
  12. At least Flunkett had one redeeming quality (well, two, if you count the fact that he liked women, lots) and that is that he believed in being bad to the bad guys.

    Clarke however, is so far to the left that he's almost falling off the edge, his idea of law and order will be to canonise the villains and to offer tea and biscuits to the poor wee things. If things have been bad so far, they are about to get a lot pinker....
  13. Plus the cnut looks like 'David the gnome'. haha..........
  14. If his pinko views on discipline in education are anything to go by, he will be buying homes for thieving recidivist chavscum with a criminal record as long as your arm in nice estates, to be "fairer", and not to put all the pressure on sink estates...
  15. Well that settles it. I'm off to buy a large quantity of Burberry, set up an account with Elizibeth Duke at Argos, knock fcuk out of a few pensioners then set up a caravan on some private land.

    Just waiting for the money to roll in....