Potentially obvious question about the Signals work

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Ace_Rimmer, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. All the Signals' recruiting bumpf marks the corps out as being the Army's IT department. Now I'm hoping that's just a marketing ploy as IT is viewed as a good area to work in.

    However, my experience of the Signals is more along the Rebro, EW, Ptarmigan etc. and although it's technically "IT", is a very, very long way from my current IT career which involves desk driving, annoying PC's/Laptops that never work, boring geeky people that spend all day playing WOW or Eve online and the other cliche's/stereotypes.

    Now I don't mind technology and I've always been interested in the Signals but I would die from irony if I left my job because I "hate working in IT" only to end up "working in IT" but doing more hours for less money and all that.

    So I guess what I'm after is an honest (and not too cynical) description of life in the Signals.

    Primarily I'm after an officer's perspective but obviously I'd want to know what the soldiers think, as they are actually doing the IT work, as it were.
  2. Depends on your trade really and then your posting.

    Firstly if you're an OP then although you'll do some IT it wont be your bread and butter. If your an ENG then it could well be.

    Secondly where you work will have a big impact. I've been in places that were IT heavy and still had loads of green stuff to do.

    If you don't want to work on the IT side of stuff then it should be easy to stream yourself in a different direction.
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    When we talk IT though, my image of Army IT is using various communication systems/setups etc. Basically, what's the chances of either doing or managing people that sit in front of a PC in an "office" all day? I've got (probably fantasy) pictures of having to rapidly establish and maintain a comms network in the middle of nowhere or in a difficult situation, which requires initiative, intelligence, technical skills, motivation etc. rather than: rock up to work, make a brew, check emails, make a brew, fix some stupid database job, make a brew... etc.
  4. As it was said before, it depends on what job you do i.e. operator or eng(gay tech thing). if that is the case if you think that when you turn up your going to be sat on your arse all day smashing brews down your neck and working out differcult comms problems as a young tom. time to hit the real time button because you will be given all the sh*t/new guy jobs that your Tp Cpl or Sgt give you, as you are waiting to go on exercise or OP'S.

    you will only get to be in the postion that you are dreaming off after a few years of hard work/bluffing and if you manage to climb the rank ladder.

    If you are going to be an Officer then you will touch comms only when your staffy allows you to, as you are bound to Feck it right up.

  5. Good timing on the punchline!
  6. PD.

    I thank you.

  7. It depends on what unit you go to as well, I'm at 2 Sigs currently as an IS Engineer, and i've not touched my trade since i've been there, bar when i've been on Ops or trials or whatnot...

    Obviously if you go somewhere like NWD or HQ Land you'll be up to your eyes in Solaris & Windows admin pretty much daily.

    So yeh, it depends on what trade, and what Unit you go to from my experience...
  8. The state of the Corps these days means that you can be doing pretty much anything anywhere, regardless of trade, it all depends on whats needed at your unti/location/op at any moment in time!
  9. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Conf_T Very True
  10. So just like the good old days with Techs doing Operator jobs and vice versa whenever the situation/mood/boredom factor dictated :)
  11. Techs doing Operator jobs... I farkin missed that!! As to the OP. Track Bash, learn it and love it! :wink:
  12. If you want to be an officer you wont have much to do with IT. You will manage and lead the blokes who make it all happen. Certainly until you hit Capt.... then there are various admin type jobs, and various research and development jobs and even some training jobs.....

    The officers that do do IT are generally LEs (promoted from the ranks)... they get it right about half of the time. But that is better than a subby being let loose amongst the equipment.
  13. The only time I want to ever see an LE officer on the kit is when it's the apocalypse or when every NCO is in a firefight. Sounds like complete madness.
  14. I'll remind you of that sometime PD :wink:
  15. Just thought I might add you have to look to the future a bit too....

    With even Bowman, our CNR, being a data comms system (sending voice as data); it could be seen that computerisation of military signals is very apparent. If you are looking at spending any amount of time in the Signals, one must assume that you will probably be in an IT-based role when you leave. The way communications is going, it will probably be the only way very soon.